Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, I had some time to hop on a computer today and get you some pictures.  Hope you enjoy it!  I have umpteen more, but they are in storage, these are the only ones I had scanned to ages ago.  I thought somewhere there was one of me in traditional garb, but I can't find it this morning for the life of me.  Too bad, so sad, no pic of me looking enormous.  LOL.  Anyway, a little taste of things there.  Someday I will get all my stuff out of storage and be able to finally scan tons more.

2 of my brothers, Tjirongo and Tupi

Donkey grazing outside the town where I trained

Fish drying in a hut in northern Namibia

Elephants in Etosha National Park

Herero woman walking

Kids at the school where I worked

My host mom and her youngest daugheter, Tjiandjeua

Traditional huts in northern Namibia

San men showing off for the camera

Sisters :)

Sunrise one of my first mornings

Amazing sunsets

Kids in the school yard

The young kids at my homestead

Tate and Mama


  1. Beautiful photos, can't wait to see more. The place looks amazing.

  2. Oh wow!! No wonder you have the Africa blues!

    ps: took me ages to find how you say this expression in English that in Italian would be "Mal d'Africa"...and the first thing that came to mind was...jungle fever!! thank God I checked it out!! LOL)

  3. Oh wow...simply amazing pictures.

  4. Beautiful pictures...Kakunaa! I read your previous post and understood the context in which you posted the pics...there are some times when we wish we could turn back time, and we just can't.

    P.S. get an email id associated with your comments asap! It's an order.

    Loved the comment I received from you on my post - An Impression...

  5. what an amazing opportunity. It's a beautiful landscape- and a beautiful people. Thanks for sharing.


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