Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Baby #3

My Dear Cricket,

It's time for a chat.  I do not think you asked before moving a trampoline into Helga, your temporary home.  Although I am glad one of us is getting some exercise.  LOL.  No one told me how bizarre it was going to feel having you kick me.  While I love it, at the same time, I feel rather like an alien has taken over my body from the neck down. 

As of now, it's obvious that you are a part of me, even to strangers, unless I wear something truly baggy and shapeless.  Pretty cool :)  And in 2 weeks we get to see you again!  You have no idea how excited we are about that!  But you'd better keep those wobbly bits from our prying eyes.  That's an order.

Your kicking, my expanding belly (and boobs) are making your existence so much more real to me, and I'm feeling so much safer about you making it to us safely.  I can't believe we are nearly half-way there!  You are growing so fast!  I can't imagine what it's going to be like once you arrive and blow our minds every day.  I imagine you are going to be a handful, given the way it's been going so far.  Seriously, I forget what it's like to not throw up regularly.  Bring it on, Cricket, we can handle you.  I promise.  We are eagerly awaiting the day we get to meet you (but not too soon, you hear me?  We want you all the way cooked!).

Love you, baby.



  1. I CAN'T WAIT either!!

  2. It's so surreal, isn't it? And yet so incredibly reasuring.

    Last night the Halfling was in a boxing match with my colon, and it wasn't the most comfortable thing ever, but I wouldn't trade it for a second.


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