Monday, November 22, 2010

OB and Baby Daddy

Saw the OB today, perfunctory as usual.  Got poked but no measuring.  When do they do that, anyway?  Cricket was playing hide and seek, but we finally heard her; that sound never gets old.  Had blood work done for Dr. Head, as well.  Fun with needles!  Didn't get yelled at about my weight, so I guess I'm okay.  But really?  I'm feeling worried it'll never all come off.  Some of you have put on less than half of what I have and are farther along!  Eek.

OB: "No movement yet, right?"
Me: "Actually, for 3 weeks now! And Braxton-Hicks contractions."  (Forgot those in my updates - they are WEIRD!)
OB: "Really?  This early?"
Me: "Yup!"
Hubby: "She keeps giggling when she gets kicked."

The rest of this post is the DS information that we were able to get, minus the feature sketches, which didn't save properly.  I've wanted to document it for some time now, so if need be, we can print it in the future.  So, meet the Baby Daddy, LOL.

Mr. F1738 is Caucasian, with a fair complexion.  At the time his profile was filled out, he was 6'3", 153 lbs.  He has green eyes, blond/wavy hair, and is right handed.  He has a BA in General Studies and is a Videographer/Writer.  He likes films, music, and snowboarding. He likes fish and reptiles, outdoor recreation, and considers himself to be creative/artistic.  And he's a Taurus (just like Cricket might be). He comes from a German and Irish background, has 3 sisters, 2 brothers, and loves to sing and play the guitar, write, make films, snowboard and wrestle. He describes himself as lively, curious, temperamental and fun-loving.

Family history of allergies (cats, hay fever), heart attacks. O+ blood type.  Excellent eyesight.

So, that's our Donor, in a very brief nutshell.  Preserved for Cricket.  10 days until the ultrasound.  Not that I'm counting...


  1. That is a great little capsule of info! I'm glad you have it, and that Cricket will have it too. He sounds like someone I would've chosen. :)

  2. I know I am counting the days until your ultrasound. I really am so happy for you.

  3. Well, first of all, all the best for the ultrasound. Your donor fellow 'feels nice'.

    You are already feeling the Braxton-Hicks contractions? I feel duhumb for not being able to make out Kaiser's movements and being so unsure of what it was I was feeling and all...

  4. I wouldnt worry about the weight thing...Everyone is different...if you were really thin to start with which from your pics to me you are:) then you tend to put on more....and I had a friend who put on a crazy 80lb...yep 80lb and she is now skinny as ever....very thin...She did breastfeed not sure if they was what helped her take it off but she looks great...Glad to hear things went well:)

  5. I don't know what a Braxton Hicks feel like so I have no clue if I'm experiencing any.
    Don't worry about your weight, save that till after Cricket is here :)

    Baby Daddy sounds like a hunk!

  6. Woot for upcoming ultrasound!! That was really interesting to read about the donor, thanks for sharing :) Bh's are weird, I haven't had any yet but expect to have heaps when I am further along. Seriously, don't worry about the weight. It will come off, it may just take some time. Just enjoy!!

  7. Wow!! If I were single I'd love to meet that donor!!! Cricket will be gorgeous no matter what though.

    On the weight: sweetie, have you seen my weight gain? At 18 weeks I think I had put on even a bit more (you can check and do the conversion) and now it has slowed down a good bit. Sure I'll have put on a bit more than average maybe but it won't be that excessive either. I'm sure it will come off (well...I think I'm sure anyway!)

  8. 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS! 10 DAYS!... ahem

  9. that's amazing!!! Just having all that info is so cool.
    Don't worry about the weight, you'll get it off..I promise.

    and only 10 days now until we find out about Cricket, I can't wait either :)


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