Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mysteries of Life

A few things are driving me nuts. One has bothered me since only last night. One for the duration of my pregnancy so far.

First mystery of life: women's clothing sizes, specifically bra sizes. Alright, stick with me here. We start with AA. Then A, B, C, D, DD, etc. Now, can someone PLEASE explain to me how AA comes before A, but DD comes AFTER D? No, really, this is really bothering me. The arbitrary designation of sizing in women's clothing really gets me. And don't even get me started on pants sizes!

Okay, second myster of life: my bladder. How can 2 small sips of liquid after 1 middle of the night bathroom run lead to an overly full, painful bladder 2 hours later? Seriously. What kind of biological weirdness is going on there??? LOL.

Oh! I hope you weren't looking for some sort of wisdom or answers or profound statements here!
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  1. LOL. The bra size thing is really funny when you think about it, isn't it? Personally, I just think it's funny that there is a DD before E, etc. Why there? Why not CC?

  2. LOL, the bladder thing is going to get absurdly more fun. Last ultrasound done at 38 weeks of my pregnancy with babe confirmed she thought my bladder was a pillow which was why if I stood up I thought I was going to pee my pants. Can't wait to see how it is with twins once they drop.

  3. Ehehehh you haven't told us how you are doing size-wise with your boobs!! Imagine how crazy it's for me to understand those sizes (in Ireland is the same as there, you have AA--DD etc) when I grew up with sizes which were expressed in numbers!!

    If it's of any consolation they said to me the second trimester is easier on the you have read my posts i think i can count on one hand the number of nights I didn't get up to pee at least once!! And if I go twice, the time that goes between the two pees is certainly shorter than the first one1 Ah..the mysteries!

  4. Lol! Hey we don't need profundity all the time. X

  5. The bra size thing is soooo frustrating. And when you're a bigger girl like me, sizing gets really inconsistent. With some manufacturers, I'm a DD, with others I'm an F or even an H. How the hell does that work?

    Do you recall the 'don't break the seal' rule from back in your party days? Once you go pee one time, it takes less time and less liquid to make you have to pee again and again. I had forgotten the rule until I got preg...

  6. Your posts crack me up:) I have been MIA from blogging but catching up and commenting now....I love the one abt the beard...that was so me my first trimester...between the extra progesterone and the steriods I had no facial hair to speak of but had light peach fuzz on my upper lip and side of my face and chin...I did not wax it as I was scared that I would then need to do it forever...I bought one of those shavers for women t hat are supposed to be for eyebrows/bikini line/and upper lip...its a small electric device...I got mine from walgreens for like I think 10bucks...anyways it just cuts the hair down to the face and I used this and it made such a differance...and then eventually that hair went away/fell out once I discontinued all the meds(Thank God) I also use this trimmer on my arms too because the hair on them was getting so long that when I would get an IV or blood drawn the tape would kill me when I went to rip it off but I dont shave them I just kind of brush over it to make them about half as long....Anyways yep pregnancy does all kinds of whacky things to our body...def not all beautiful and glam by any means

  7. LOL...I had someone tell me to stop drinking liquids earlier in the evening. Yea, tried that and it didn't work. :) So now I drink a glass right before bed, might as well, right? I am going to be up peeing anyway.

  8. See, the bladder issues during pregnancy are proof that God can NOT be a woman. We start off with a bladder that is smaller than a man's bladder and then pregnancy squishes it down to the dimensions of a small, used pencil. It's HIGHLY unfair.

  9. LOL, we would win peeing championships hands down anywhere...I have lived with 'waking-from-sleep-nature-calls'...and I think they are incidental to the happy happy phase...enjoy!

    Since I know I would wake up anyways, I don't curb the need for quenching my thirst, even if I am just about to hit the bed.

    P.S. regarding the comment you left me, yes, I am glad to be back home.

  10. I was always confused on the DD, D sizing as well...not that I fit into them. haha.

    OMG I know - I would wake up like two or three times a night in my first tri with a full bladder and be baffled as to how!

  11. you silly def have Pregnancy Brain and I'm finding it very very humorous...LOL



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