Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Save The Date

Well, our Level II Anatomy Scan (ie next u/s) is officially scheduled for Friday, Dec 3rd at 8am. I will be 19 weeks and 6 days if I looked at the calendar correctly. I can't wait!

Anywho, updates. I am taking it VERY easy, and Spike (migraine) is fluctuating between a 3 and an 8. All over the place, no apparent triggers given that I am in total bum mode. I am incredibly thankful for Net.flix, and sad that I am sorely lacking in friends to come entertain me. But I have you all, so I am at least able to keep up better for a bit.

I may have to kill my dog. He barks LOUDLY. It hurts. And the neighbors yell a lot. But again homicide is not really an option. Earplugs, however, are. My friend brought some from work for me.

I want to finally finish Niece's gifts, but looking down at crochet work hurts...going to try, though, so I can begin working on things for Cricket.

I am awaiting word on my leave application from work, and have applied for short term disability. They can't fire me, right? I mean, they have to just figure out a way to cover it, right??? Women are out during pregnancy alllll the time!

I am off to continue vegging and trying not to kill my dog. Chica is packing to move today or early tomorrow...I don't want to nap and miss time with her, but I might have to. I will be sad to see her go :(
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  1. Sorry to hear about Spike - that totally sucks. I hope you're able to figure out STD at work and get it all working for you. Our company doesn't even offer it so if I don't show up I either use up a precious vacation day or don't get paid. Boo.

  2. Spike really sucks!!! :(

    I hope that you can figure out some leave. You need it and deserve it!

  3. Spike totally and completely BLOWS..I hope you get some relief soon and get the leave issue worked out.

  4. I need to learns me some crochet. So sorry for Spike- that just sucks. I had one migraine once- thanks to methotrexate- and it was so horrible I can't even imagine for you!

    Also, Dec 3 is my birthday- may it bring you luck.

  5. Counting down.. ahem, impatiently I might ad.

  6. Loud dogs are awful! My first dog was a barker - constant. We even got him one of those awful bark collars that shocked him when he barked, but he just powered thru and got little sores where the shock was given. I felt horrible, but was desperate.

    It sucks that you are having so many health challenges. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make you feel 100%. But then I would wave it again and keep your disability active, so that you can relax and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy.

    Thinking about you.

  7. No, they cannot fire you. That's illegal - very illegal.

    I'm sorry to hear about Spike. I suffer from chronic migraines (had one so bad when I was in college, I had the symptoms of a stroke), so I know how badly they suck. I hope Spike hits the road soon.

  8. How exciting...such a milestone!

    Sorry that Spike continues...I will keep my fingers crossed that your short term disability kicks in! (It is fun to pray for STD...hee hee)

  9. Boo for migraines! I have one today too and have been contemplating strangling my barky dog--glad it's not just me! Hope Spike goes away soon!

  10. Since I used all my STD and now using LTD...I kind of know all the ins and outs...You get 12wks of FMLA leave per year to use..Depends how your employer figures this out...Mine using a rolling backward calendar...Anyways if you have not used any of your time your employer must hold your position for 12wks after that they can fire you or replace you no matter what...My employer was nice enough to give me a couple of extension but seeing that I was off from day one and would be off my entire pregnancy they had to let me go but told me once I was ready to come back to work after the baby was born that they would def like to find me a spot:)


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