Friday, October 15, 2010

My Week In Pictures

I'm sorry I haven't been around. Rough week, feeling like poo.  I will try to start getting caught up with everyone soon.  Here is my bizarre weekend:

 Here is the cradle we had donated to us this week:)  How fantastic is this???  The bedding is handmade.  She also gave us some clothes and stuff.  Plus, Frog and Pixie apparently have a high chair, swing, and changing table for us - I don't get it, but not arguing.  This was the GOOD part of my week.
This is my fabulous ER bracelet.  Yes, another trip to the ER.  Tuesday night.  My migraine was out of control, I couldn't stop vomiting, and the on-call doc sent me in.  Morphine got me back down to a manageable level, and sent me home. Migraine back the next morning, so I spent Wednesday resting. and I'm just trying to keep it from getting terrible again.  The doc wants me to see a Headache specialist - they are booked through the new year.  NOT HELPFUL.  Grrr.  Add that trip to the pile of medical bills. 

See this?  This is my sexy new accessory.  I've named him Pancho, my trusty sidekick.  Pancho's job is to ease my vomit sessions.  Touch and go so far, but it's only been 24 hours.  Pancho and I are going to be good buddies.  We go to the bathroom together, take meals together, we even sleep together!  I kick him out when it's time to shower, though.  You're jealous, and I know it.  Because every morning I have to test my pee and weigh myself and report in like a good little girl.  Yup, you're jealous.  Hubby was very curious about my new pee catcher in the bathroom. 

The bonus to the ER trip leading to an extra OB trip and the nurse coming to install Pancho?  2 opportunities to listen to Cricket.  Wednesday she was way over on the left side.  Thursday she wouldn't hold still and it took forever.  Everytime they would start to pick her up on the doppler (they could see the rate), she'd move and we couldn't hear her.  She was playing hide and seek!  So Cricket is apparently doing quite well :)  That made me happy :)  Hubby didn't get to be there :( 

So, I've just wanted to sit on my bum, rest, and try to feel okay.  I hope I haven't missed anything major, and perhaps after my crazy work week I'll be able to try and catch up.  I'll just start with Tuesday and hope I haven't missed anything really big.  I'm sorry guys.  The exhaustion and everything just finally caught up to me, and today am back at work.  I will be back in the saddle soon, I promise.


  1. I've only had 3 migraines in this pregnancy but I feel better so I'm hoping by the time you hit 4 months you'll feel better too. Sweet score on the cradle and high chair. Hang in there lovely lady, all the pain is sooo worth it.

  2. Love the cradle and your new side kick:) Hope you star feeling better soon!!

  3. I'm so sorry about the migraines, but so glad you have Pancho around to help you feel a little better! Yay for hearing Cricket's heartbeat!!

  4. Sorry that you are not feeling great but don't apologise for not being around - It's ok that the priority is you, your fella and your little cricket for now. x

  5. Get better soon my friend!! You poor thing, migraines are terrible, I hope they'll ease as the pregnancy progresses. I'm very jealous of Pancho indeed!


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