Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Acts of Vandalism and Kindness

Calliope wrote a post the other day about a fantastic day where some perfect strangers made her day with acts of kindness.  People like that hold the key to your day in their hands. 

Unfortunately, so do the not-so-kind people. 

Sunday we had a little of both in our house.  I got a text from Hubby saying to see if I could get a ride home from work.  When I probed, it turned out that one of our tires had been slashed (most likely cause of its demise).  Booooo.  Added to the ever-growing pile of things we need to take care of, this made me not such a happy camper. 

Hubby finally got home from schlupping around for work on a donut to find...

a CRIB in our yard. 

Seriously :)  A FREE crib.  It's seen better days, and needs a bit of repair, but how awesome is that?  After some digging we found out where it came from, and that we may be receiving more donations as they clear things out from a garage sale that didn't yield the results they were hoping for.  Coolio, as far as I'm concerned! 

Our house is starting to look like a garage sale.  LOL.  Chica's stuff is all in bags as she works on getting it packed to fit in her car to drive to Texas whenever that happens.  We are moving stuff around so that Spazz and Punky can fit in.  An extra (pooping in the house) dog.  Oh, yeah.  Good times.  LOL. 

But we have a crib!  Ummm, and a tire to fix. 


  1. well good karma found you and i'm sure bad karma found the tire slasher! what goes around comes around. yay for a crib! but sorry about the tire!

  2. Congrats on the crib find - what a bonus!

    Sorry to hear about the tyre, karma is all I will say.


  3. How lovely that you had a kind act to balance out the mean one :) They sound like really nice people!

  4. Yay for a crib! That is great...;)

  5. How funny, the kind act of giving you a crib sort of balanced out the crappy slashing of your tire. Hoping for more good things to happen:)

  6. Cool crib find, now you'll have to paint it a cool color and post pics.

  7. Well you can look at it this way - the money you WOULD have spent on a crib can now go towards the new tire! :)


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