Saturday, October 2, 2010



How far along: 11 weeks 0 days

Total weight gain/loss: 11 lbs....eek!  But in my defense, IVF meds didn't help.  Plus the clinic TOLD me I should put on weight.  The question now do I get it under control?  Doc said no more than 25-30 lbs from here on out.  But I'm HUNGRY!  Skinny girl gets to eat!

Maternity clothes: ummm, yeah, I have NO pants left that fit comfortably except stretch or drawstring pants, so anything else is all maternity at this point. Belly band be damned, these are more comfortable. Shirts are touch and go. The funny thing is that I woke up yesterday morning and my belly was significantly smaller.  Apparently I got rid of some bloat.  LOL.

Stretch marks: way too early for those!

Sleep: As often as possible!!! I mean, that, too. Work days are long, so my days off are usually spent napping...with short bursts of being awake. LOL. I am having trouble sleeping at night...I wake up to pee 3-4 times a night!

Movement: way too early for that! But I can't wait :)

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: For the most part it's just a matter of finding something I can tolerate. Aversions: Stinky odors, red meat...

Gender: at this point, we have decided not to find out...let's see if we hold steadfast to that!  DH says boy, I say girl.

Symptoms: Hmmm, all the usual suspects, nothing terribly new, but also, no lessening of first trimester stuff.  I am trying REALLY hard not to complain, because I know what it took to get here, but it's difficult when I throw up all day every day.  It's a running joke at work, because I put customers on mute and dry heave all day. 

What I miss: Not a thing :)

What I look forward to: Passing the first trimester :), and actually LOOKING pregnant, as opposed to just like I've put on weight. I am going to go nuts waiting for the next u/s in 9.5 weeks!

Moods: Irritable beyond belief, interspersed with sappy crying.

Milestones: Seeing a baby-shaped u/s picture! 

Medical Concerns: Still taking my Syn.throid at 50mcg. To be tested again next trimester.  8mg Zo.fran every 12 hours for nausea...ummm, yeah, it lessens it A BIT but I am still puking like a champ. 50 mg...hoping that helps again with my anxiety...which in turn should help with some other symptoms.

Weekly Wisdom: I had something really good for this...and now I can't remember.  There you go! That's one.  Write things down because my brain is a sieve.  LOL. 

Best moment this week: Dancing Baby!!!!  So amazing to see a baby shape dancing around inside me.  It's so surreal and yet sooooo amazing!

Worst moment this week: Migraines and non-stop vomit-fest.  Ugh.

No belly pic this week (though I took one) because it looks smaller than last week.  LOL.  Bloat reduction!  Plus, at this stage, well, it's redundant.  Think I'll try every 2-3 weeks so changes are visible.  This whole journey is so bizarre...not having control over the things happening to my body, feeling like absolute crap but happy that I am.  It's crazy!  Learning to reliquish control is VERY difficult for me, but I'd better get used to it!


  1. Yes, the migraines are brutal ahhhhhhh on top of morning sickness ahhhhhhhhh, I mean, ahem, yeah! Baby!

  2. I think it's a girl, I think it's a girl!!!! Glad you are cruising right along... so happy for you! Hey did you stop following me? Am I boring? ;)

  3. No worries - I did take a break from blogging and posts as I tried to find my Zen... but now I am back, not feeling more zenful, but at least rested and ready for my next cycle. I am SUPER excited about your pregnancy!! You did PGD, right? We are going to do it next time. I am on metformin now and hoping for better quality eggs this go around. I want off of this merry-go-round!!

  4. 11 weeks, time is zooming!! For me, anyway... LOL. You're so cute to not complain. :) Miss ya!

  5. Wohoo!!! Do you see how your ticker will soon enter the yellow boxes?? So so exciting! I hope the sickness will ease off soon, but you are doing well I know. I had migraines too which was dreadful but I'm much much better now, I think drinking plenty helped me a good bit! Much love, Fran
    ps: only one week to the first big milestone!!

  6. Dry heaving all day at work? You poor girl!! I just feel sick all day long, but haven't actually thrown up...but I, too, am looking forward to the 2nd Tri.

    Hope you start feeling better soon!!

  7. Ugh! Sorry about the non-stop vomiting. But yeah, all for a good cause! Hope you get some movement soon :) I had to laugh at you putting the phone on mute-but what else can you do? Take care xxx

  8. I crossed the 30lb weight gain mark (I'm 31 weeks) and my midwives and doctors have said I'm doing great. Odd, because they told me not to gain more than that by 40 weeks! So as long as you're healthy, you'd better keep yourself from being hungry!

    I really hope you stop puking soon too!

  9. yeah, i'm sure learning to give up control is challenging. i know it would be for me. you can do it! the 1 tri is almost over! yaaaay! hopefully you'll be feeling better in no time!


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