Monday, October 4, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

I had a post planned for today since I have been slacking on this meme. And then I checked the news this morning and this jumped out at me, and so my perfect moment today is this:

Pioneer Of In Vitro Fertilization Wins Nobel Prize

The man who made my baby possible, and those of many of our bloggy friends, is being honored today, and that is pretty damn perfect.
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  1. :) It was an awesome thing to hear this morning, wasn't it?

  2. I loved reading that this morning. It made my day!

  3. You beat me to it! I saw the article while sitting at the doctors office this morning! I was so happy! You're right... it's pretty damn perfect! Just SAD it's taken THIS long for him to be recognized!

  4. Completely agree!! it made my day too!! And then on the Italian newspaper I read how the Vatican is shocked and disgusted by this unethical choice...don't get me started. Love, Fran

  5. Well there you are! The link I had to your blog said you weren't updating...then I discover you have been. Duh!

    Anyway yes indeed to your good news of the day. x

  6. I am so happy about this!! I made the mistake of reading many of the comments about this and they made me SO mad and upset. It's sad that there is so much mis-information out there!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... lame @sses!!!


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