Friday, October 1, 2010

Bullet Point Friday

Nothing terribly exciting going on, so just going to touch base on some things.  Oh, bullet points, you are awesome!

  • Spazz started moving some of his stuff in - once we can get a dehumidifier for the basement and they track down a toddler bed, they will complete move-in.
  • Chica was supposed to move in, then not, but then her transfer to TX got pushed back, so she is with us temporarily...with the dog...who doesn't like change so much.  Desperately need to steam clean....soooo stinky.
  • We are without an oven until we can get a replacement heater coil in the bottom - stove still works, but really?  With hubby's paycheck late and the stinking car repairs, we really didn't need that.
  • My husband has rocked my world putting up with my ridiculous cravings....much loves to him! 
  • Still haven't managed to check out - but computer is on its way to being fixed!!!  Which means I can soon so we aren't (hopefully) always scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  • My dad has offered up his pick-up truck for all baby-related furniture pickups as we start to get stuff from Craigslist and whatnot.  Go Dad!  Because can't you just see us trying to get a crib in the Hyun.dai?  LOL. 
  • I REALLY want to get out and go for a hike...favorite season, etc etc shared day off a week makes it hard.  Especially when I need to go see my dad, pick up some baby items, etc.  Hopefully week after next...maybe I won't be puking non-stop by then, too.  *FINGERS CROSSED*
  • I did it.  I sent a thank you card from me and DH to Frog and Pixie.  I'm not expecting anything back, but I did it. 
Ummm, so that's it.  Just kinda a blah, whatever kind of week.  *shrug*.  Happy Weekend to all of you "normal" people!


  1. Whoo hoo to husband!

  2. Great update, always good to hear what's going on in your life - sorry I've been such a bad commentator recently :-(


  3. Wow-so much is going on with you right now. I am totally impressed with your Dad-the truck will be really helpful :)
    Sorry about the money sitch hope things pick up in that area soon.

  4. Fair play to your husband!! Great update, sometimes when nothing happens is actually a good thing. Much love, Fran


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