Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sick As A Dog

Blah, have a nasty cold. I am miserable. Whine whine whine.

Good news is that Itsybitsy is doing well. Measuring right where she should, heartbeat at 140 bpm, and yesterday I actually heard it. Which made me smile and be all weepy...of course, that could actually be in part due to my insanely clogged sinuses.

Ugh, back to being catatonic.
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  1. Sorry you're sick but AWESOME about hearing the heartbeat - pretty cool isn't it?

  2. Yay for Itsybitsy! Sorry for the sickness, though!! Colds really suck. :(

  3. Hope you feel better lovely lady!

  4. Great news about the heartbeat! I have an awful cold too. They're worse when you're pregnant!! Get better :)


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