Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Baby

I think it is time to start some letters to you. You are starting to make your presence known visually to those who have known me as a skinny lady. And as of this morning, your name has been decided upon by your father and I.

So...should you be a boy, you will be Phelan Shel. Phelan means wolf, which is your father's Patronus, for lack of a better word. And Shel combines the first initials of your 4 grandfathers' first names.

If you come out as a girl, you will be Catori Alaysia Sue. Catori means spirit. Alaysia is just a name I have loved for many, many years. And Sue is for my grandmother and your grandmother on Daddy's side.

I know they are unusual names, but I hope you grow to love them as did I mine.

We love you, Cricket, whatever parts you come out having.

Now I am going to take a are already wearing me out.


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  1. Beautiful letter and beautiful names. I love both of them.

  2. "Now I am going to take a are already wearing me out."

    A truer post has never been said...I cannot believe how run down I get and I'm in the second tri - isn't it suppose to go away?!

  3. Those are fantastic names and yeah we name kiddos based on the meaning too. Brilliant minds think alike and all that jazz especially when it comes to napping. Mmmmm zzzzzz.

  4. They are lovely names, made even more so by the personal meanings. :)

  5. What a sweet letter and I love the names.

  6. What a sweet post! Beautiful names, too.

    We have to choose "K" names as they are a tradition with girls in our family. Well...unless this one's a boy - then we can do whatever we want!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! ICLW

  7. Beautiful names - uniqueness just makes us extra special - what a wonderful gift to give your child.


  8. I love that you're writing letters to your little Cricket. S/he will cherish these forever - what a wonderful gift!

    Thanks for you comment on my blog!



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