Friday, September 24, 2010

Learning to Pace Myself

I have to keep reminding myself that there are still 7-8 months between now and baby.  So I can breathe, get this month taken care of, and I don't need to have all the furniture, clothing, etc RIGHT NOW. 

I got a very small amount completed over my weekend.  We found a dresser for $5 that will be for the baby and also act as the changing table.  So that was a fun little bonus :)  We have to finish cleaning out Bro and Dreamer's things so that Spazz and Punky can begin their move in, though they need a toddler bed yet.  Which means we also have to completely clean out what was the office and will now be the nursery.  Those things DO have to happen ASAP.  Ack, there goes me freaking a bit again. 

Anyway, the rest, all the baby stuff,  I have to remind myself we can do gradually.  We have the following items coming to us hand-me-down: cradle, bassinet, 2 swings, bedding for the cradle, some clothes, baby tub, and a 4 month-old infant car seat, never in an accident.  I have been trolling Craigslist and Freecycle, but trying not to jump the gun.  My IRL friends are all keeping an eye out and donating stuff to us...which is soooo fantastic :)  We can do it! 

This is what happens when you have anxiety and money issues.  LOL.  You panic about EVERYTHING, and there is never enough time. 

Wait until I start writing about daycare....eek! 

And yet, it's all exciting, too...exciting and absolutely terrifying.  LOL.  Pacing myself is a skill I am slowly learning.


  1. Congrats on all the hand-me-downs. They definitely help keeping to a budget much easier.

  2. Okay, don't even write the word daycare. I'm not even pregnant, and the thought of that freaks me out. I don't know why. It always has!

  3. IVF is so stressful I imagine one it works it's hard to relax again. Sounds like things are going smooth and you are getting lots of support from friends!

  4. I have tried to be calm and casual about the time frame I have to do things during this pregnancy, but I did start freaking out now that I'm at 24 weeks. The time goes pretty quickly!
    Best of luck for a happy healthy pregnancy!


  5. I'm with Katie - I've done the math, and daycare scares the crap out of me - Plus, I'll have to start paying back student loans, etc. then. The donations a free-cycle are certainly going to get you going in the right direction, and as you said, You have time - besides - I spent the first few months sleeping in a dresser drawer.

  6. Oh honey, I understand all too well the expecting a baby and having major money issues. It's wonderful that your friends are helping out so much already.

  7. it's so nice how generous people are isn't it? You are well ahead of me with things done for the baby, it's as if I just can't bring myself to buy anything at all just yet. but you are doing great!

  8. Thank you for commenting on my Infertility Doula blog. Since you're pregnant I thought I'd write you from my parenting after infertility blog (Flucky Mom).

    You're in the in-between world when you can't completely let go and "be" pregnant and your all so recent past of infertility. You'll see, you'll soon be in a good place. And yeay on the great purchases and handmedowns.


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