Monday, September 27, 2010

Humble Pie

Frog is back at work today after his stay in the hospital.  He's been out of the hospital a bit over a week (I think the day I went to the ER), but just back today.  I had a feeling I would run into him...

He has dropped a LOT of weight, and seemed...tense.  We didn't speak.  Well, I said, "hey" when I nearly bumped into him, but nothing from him.  However, he handed me a post-it note (it amazes me how much of my interpersonal relationship business is conducted via post-ti note!).  Which says, "Thank you for the kind words while I was in the hospital.  It meant much to me to read those words."

It was in his hand ready to hand to me...which was a bit odd.  As though he planned running into me.  But he didn't speak to me. Or really look at me for that matter. We always knew things wouldn't end well, but dove in anyway.  But we certainly never planned for any of it.  I sent an email saying that I hope things are okay and that he is doing better.  No response.  SIGH. 

Here's the thing...we wouldn't be where we are today without he and Pixie.  Last year, August, when we were starting to think we needed to do something about this whole not pregnant yet thing, a woman on my team said, "oh, so-and-so is having trouble, talk to him."  Which led to the name of our clinic, which led to our BFP.  So in a sense, they are part of this baby.  So tomorrow we are getting them a "thank you" card.  Just to get it out there.  Response or not, they had a hand in this.

Which just leads me to think about the fact that in a pregnancy like ours, there are soooooo many people that were a part of this (and I'm sorry we can't pay you yet...) to whom we are eternally grateful.  I think we will hold off on the thank you's to the clinic until we can send a baby picture for their book along with it.  But it really is amazing.  I am a firm believer in "It takes a village" - and really, in some cases, it takes that just to conceive the child. 

So a big thank you to all of you as well, for being here, for being part of this journey as well, for making our miracle possible.  Thank you.


  1. Thanks for your comment. First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy. And I think it's great that you're looking around your world and feeling gratitude for everyone who's helped you get to where you are. Hooray for our communities!

    Take care,
    lady pumpkin
    ICLW #26

  2. What a beautiful post and recognition of everything that went into your story.

  3. Hey sweetie-pie! I just updated my post with your tag included :)
    Now I need to figure out why my reader is not giving me updates on your blog!?! I've missed like your last ten and wondered why you've been so quiet! So not cool!

  4. Congratulations on your BFP. I think the thank you card is a wonderful thing to give to the couple that helped point you in the right direction for your doctor.


  5. ICLW hello to you. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting :) Its funny the kind of things that we never realize we would share (like baby making!) and in the end we need so many prayers and love to take us through. You've been through so much and your story gives us mothers in waiting hope. Happy and healthy remaining months!

  6. I always joke about how many folks it takes to knock me up and how crowded our bedroom gets on ovulation night, lol.

  7. it does a village and realizing that, acknowledging it is going to go a long way in parenthood too...

    you are a wonderful person!!!!!!


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