Saturday, September 4, 2010



How far along: 7 weeks 0 days

Total weight gain/loss: I give up on this - my scale at home is WAY off, because I measured 115 on that, but 120 at the doctor.  Need a better scale.  Pants are about the same, so I don't seem to have gained anything or really expanded.

Maternity clothes: Still sticking with either the belly band or stretchy pants/skirts.

Stretch marks: way too early for those!

Sleep: As often as possible!!! These 10 hour days are kicking my ass.  I am EXHAUSTED.  And it's only my Tuesday.  Oh, boy.

Movement: way to early for that!

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: Nothing really new this week  Aversions: Stinky odors, red meat...

Gender: at this point, we have decided not to find out...let's see if we hold steadfast to that!

Symptoms: Actually, light on symptoms this week except for the extreme exhaustion and being fairly emotional. 

What I miss: Just caffeine - only because it is soooo hard to get moving in the morning.  Otherwise, fine :)

What I look forward to: Passing the first trimester :)

Moods: Wicked emotional this week.  Crying, cranky, overall moodiness.  Sorry lovey.

Milestones: Hearing and seeing the heartbeat :)

Medical Concerns: elevated thyroid levels - taking Syn.throid 50 mcg daily - I tested at 2.74 2 weeks ago, and am up to 3.31 this week, so my meds got doubled.  Test again next week.

Weekly Wisdom: Keep food on hand at ALL TIMES. I get nausea worse when I am hungry. This is difficult when I'm on the phones allllll day, but I'm learning how to do it. Give up and just take the nap.

Best moment this week: Seeing and hearing the heartbeat - MAGICAL!

Worst moment this week: Nada with relation to Itsybitsy :)


  1. Yes being hungry does make the nausea worse. My pockets are filled with banana chips.

  2. Thyroid issues are so hard! Several of my family members have them and I know finding the right dose can really be tricky. I hope they're able to find yours soon!

    And, I had heard that eating frequently helps with the nausea, I'm glad you've discovered that to be true! (And, I'm hoping I get to use that tidbit of information SOON!).

  3. I just love reading these update posts. They always leave me with a big smile.

  4. Hey you! Glad you checked in with me and let me know about your new url! I don't know if I got to tell you yet but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I haven't been on blogger this past month cause of school etc...but the honest truth is I was on my faulty computer when I read that you were pregnant and typed up a comment to you and when I sent it my computer went funky and froze or something then kicked me offline. I was so fed up with it I didn't try to get back on that night. I wondered if you actually got the comment or not sooo...sorry it's way overdue. I'm so excited for you and hope that your pregnancy continues to go well.
    On a side note, I was curious about the synthroid your taking...I thought it was for hypo or low thyroid disorders...I am a med aid where I work and a lot of the old people take that because they have low thyroid levels...just wondered - I know there are many uses for many different meds out there...Anyhoo, I hope you get it worked out and back in a good range. I'll talk to ya soon and will be staying up to date with you more now that I'm back in the groove of school!

  5. Yay for 7 Weeks!! I've got my pockets stuffed with granola bars, but K, banana chips sound awesome right now. :)
    Belly band is the best!! I found a few super cute elastic waistband skirts at old n.avy which are just about all I wear right now.

  6. AHHHHHHH I lost track of you for the second time since your URL change. I've got you now, young lady! No more trying to escape me!! <3


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