Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Got Your Detailed Receipt Right Here

So we got a letter from our FSA manager or whatever you want to call it. That would be our Flexible Spending Account. Who promised me back in April that the DS could be paid for with our FSA. Anyway, said letter says they need documentation to prove the DS is a covered expense. An EOB (explanation of benefits) or a detailed receipt. So I will dutifully call them tomorrow and explain I have neither, but am happy to send them a copy of our u/s - on which I will write: "I got your detailed receipt RIGHT HERE." Think that will work?


Enough of that. In my travels 'round the interwebs and blogland, I have found some awesomely fun things recently!

Such as Evil Genius Woman, who sells some hysterically inappropriate IF shirts, including maternity ones!  Also a children's line.  They are quite fun.  Had me cracking up.  Enjoy!

The 2 Week Wait wrote this fabulous post with some well-known proverbs redone for IF.  HYSTERICAL.  OMG, you have to go read it.  It will cheer you up, even if you are already in a good mood!   

Lastly, for today, is a fabulous giveaway, hosted by A Little Bit of Life and The Purse Blogger for an adorable diaper bag.  Since I'm all about discounted baby goods, a free one is perfect!  Check it out if you're interested!

Happy ICLW my loves.  Let you know how everything is shaping up with the moves in and out, etc, etc, etc. 


  1. LOL. I DEFINITELY want to see a copy of that if you submit it. Too funny. :)

    Good luck with it all. Reminds me of my arguments with various medical people about sperm... Who would have ever thought this would be part of our lives?!

  2. A copy of whatever bill you got from the RE should be reciept enough. Its a federal thing, and they should be able to require more documnetation than the feds do. Good luck!

  3. DS is perfectly acceptable if medically necessary. Your case is covered for sure.

    Oh, those FSA/Insurance people always causing problems. I've had some pretty interesting coversation with them this year myself!

  4. Ugh. Seriously? I love insurance/FSA people. Do they need a VIDEO of the damn procedure, too? Please send them your u/s photo. I'd love that!

  5. Ugh - hopefully you can wrap things up with the FSA people quickly.

    Love the IF maternity shirts!

  6. Insurance companies are so dumb. I think the u/s should work great! ;)

    Thanks for dropping in at Bio Girl! Happy ICLW!

  7. Totally going to check out the shirts!

  8. Happy ICLW...

    Hope that insurance thing sorts out soon...what an unnecessary pain!

  9. congratulations on your pregnancy. that is awesome. Hope things get worked out with the insurance people.


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