Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PGD Frostie Report

We got the results of the PGD study on our 5 remaining embies. Of the 5 frosties, 2 are abnormal, missing a chromosome. So...we have 3 embies after all that. 2 are female, 1 male. I am pretty sure that isn't even enough to donate. I think our clinic looks for groupings of 4.

Of the 5 frosties, 4 are female, 1 male...what do you want to bet I have a little girl growing in Helga right now?

So final stats on our cycle:
26 eggs
24 mature
20 embies
7 total blasts
5 frosties down to...
3 viable frosties
2 transferred embies
1 pregnancy with singleton. Was the other embie abnormal, I wonder?

Has anyone else had numbers like these? Or done PGD and seen high numbers of abnormalities? What is "normal" for all of this?
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  1. WOW, those are crazy numbers. I didn't even know they could determine the gender! Dunno if the other was an abnormal, but thank goodness for the little miracle that stuck!!!!

  2. I know close to nothing about PGD, but am curious. Is it standard that they will evaluate the frosties - or did you have that done special? I'd always thought that pgd was an add-on, kind of like ISCI, and that they did it prior to implantation.

    Early on we met with a geneticist, b/c I am a CF carrier. She remains the kindest medical professional we have encountered (maybe bc she was on IF island with us and knew just how difficult it was to talk with drs). She talked about lots of genetic risks that we might face, but i don't recall that she recommended pgd for us.

    there is so much to know!

  3. Those do seem to be rather negative numbers but, most importantly, you are pregnant and the baby is thriving!

  4. I didn't know you did PGD... that's what I am going to do next time. I think it's a girl... for sure!!!

  5. I don't know much about PGD... but I think it would be a shame to not be able to donate your frosties just because there are 'only' three. Are there other organizations, apart from your clinic, that would be interested in helping you help others?

  6. I agree with mrs. Gamgee about the donation. Also, congrats on your wedding anniversary. The pics were cute!

  7. Actually, seeing the numbers from other people who have PGD, it doesn't sound out of range. Seriously though, if you want to donate, there are always people out there who would be honored to have them. Before we ended up with our kind offer from our friend to donate eggs, we started looking for embryo donation through Miracles Waiting and put up a profile. Although we were never chosen, I know there were plenty of couples out there. If we decide to have a second child, this is probably the route we will go. There are other organizations such as Snowflakes, but I wasn't impressed with their fees that they impose on the recipient parents. Anyway....!

  8. I'm betting you have a girl in there now, too. :)

  9. I don't have much knowledge of this either, but for some embies to be left is still good I think!!! (You know my story)
    Happy belated anniversary :)

  10. Those are some strange numbers! What is your gut telling you you have? I was SO SURE I was having a girl and now I have doubts because everyone is telling me they feel "boy" from me. I still have girl urges but I'm not positive anymore.


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