Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: It's The Small Things

My dear friend Di has started a new meme!  And it's pretty cool.  Good way to get ideas for baby items, etc.  I have been meaning to join in, but keep spacing on it.  Go figure.  Time management issues! 


So, for this week's "Things I Love Thursday" I am sharing one of my favorite gifts we received for Peanut.  Oddly, it is an infant toy that we have really only recently used AS INTENDED.

Sassy Bugs are a wrist rattle and squeaker.  But they have a stretchy cord as well, so they do not sit on top of the wrist.  We have had them hanging on his bouncer and such for him to play with.  Recently I started actually putting them on his wrists when we go out and about.

We have ones that sit right on his wrist, and he happily gets that to his mouth to chew on.  These, however, are soooo much cooler for on-the-go.  Because they "float", he thinks he has toys ALL THE TIME.  He can chew on them, shake them, etc.  They crinkle, rattle, squeak, and are small enough for easily handling.  Essentially?  He loves them.  See?

Portable fun toys!  I don't have to pack tons of stuff, which, let's be fair, is such a good thing when out and about with a baby.  Less is more, ya know?   

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