Friday, September 30, 2011

FNL: Rainbows To The Rescue

  • I haven't dyed my hair since shortly before P was born.  There are A LOT of shiny silver hairs going all haywire up there.  I always forget how many there are and how old they make me feel.  Oh, well.  I earned them!
  • Can someone please come winterize my garden for me?  Thanks.
  • I have gotten more bug bites since Labor Day than the whole of summer.  WTF?  The lady doth protest.
  • Not gonna lie...this single parenting thing is OVERWHELMING.  I feel that P is not getting enough of my attention as I try to keep up with everything on my own.
  • My ability to have absolutely no filters on Twitter would frighten Hubby if he knew the things I shared.  My family, too.  They think I overshare to them?  Ha!
  • Speaking of which, I want to thank everyone on there for cheering me on to pop the cherry!
  • I am seemingly incapable of NOT tracking my cycle.  It's pointless and unneeded.  But it is now ingrained in me.  I am on CD40, and I swear I O'd 3x this cycle!  This is based on EWCM.  My body thinks it is pregnant.  Which is horrid if you aren't because it is a tease with all the bad symptoms.  Whatever.  I blame breastfeeding.  What else could it be?  Then again, no cramps and bleeding isn't so bad.
  • I was told today at work that I am negative for pointing out some truths.  Not complaining even.  Just being straight-forward.  I smile all the time.  I encourage people.  I don't whine about the fact that I am exhausted and in pain ALL. THE. TIME.  I defend myself, yes.  But I really am positive almost all of the time.  But we all need to vent sometimes!  It really annoyed me.  And upset me.  It seemed like a very blindered view of my personality.  I bust my ass for something I do not enjoy, and there is "always room for improvement".  Sigh.  It's like sweeping away a flood with a broom: pointless. 
  • Sometimes, on phone calls at work, I feel like I am talking to a wall where what I say is completely not received/comprehended.  Or it is totally ignored.  *it pays the rent it pays the rent it pays the rent*
  • I saw a gigantic double rainbow after a storm yesterday (and, incidentally, the coolest clouds in a long time!).   I immediately thought that they had to be tidings of good omens.  I was right.
  • Hubby officially has his CDL permit and drove for the first time yesterday.
  • AND!  He won his SSD appeal for the time he was unable to work before and after his surgery.  We are owed 23 months of back pay for that time, less lawyer fees.  Did you just see me grow a couple inches?  Yeah, HUGE weight off.  I have no idea the amount or the time frame, but this is amazing.  
  • Thank you rainbows.  And thank you storm clouds for giving me rainbows...


  1. That is SO awesome about your hubby's appeal!!!!

    I totally get the "why won't you people comprehend what I am saying" thing. In lab everyday I want to pummel my students when I say things over and over and over again and they completely ignore it and say something like "oh, yeah, I guess you said something about that." UGH.

  2. I am so thrilled at the good news y'all have gotten.

  3. YEAH!! for permit rainbows, cloth prefolds and let's have a grey hair dying party together.

  4. Long time, no comments... I love that you are so good about writing. I write in my head all the time, but getting it onto a post is a whole other story.

    I love the new title - awesome!

    holy freaking cow - 23 months of back pay! That is almost like winning the lottery! I have a sneaking suspicion about what you might be considering doing with the money... yes?

    I always fantasized about getting my CDL and driving long haul trucks. I still think it would be an amazing job. I hope that your Hubs can find some pleasure in his work, even though being away from you and the peanut must be torture. In any case, I will send great thanks to the powers that be for the blessing of a job for him.

    take care - xoxo - Foxy


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