Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fluff Review

I have been meaning to do this post for some time now.  A sort of overview of the cloth diapers we have used/are using.
So, to start...


bumGenius: I have about 10 of the 3.0's, and a couple AIO.  I use the 3.0 for overnights exclusively.  Double stuffed.  (You know, like an oreo!).  With very few exceptions he can go 10 hours easily overnight in these without leaks.  There are occasional ones, but no system is fool proof.  A note of importance: we do not use BG doublers...we use another full-size insert for greater coverage.  One of the things I adore about these is that the moisture wicks through to the inserts and keeps his bum/wobbly bits fairly dry, even with the dype being on for so long.  Downfall: BULKY.  But hey, I cloth diaper, he's going to have a fluffy bum :-)

Nubunz: I have...9 of these I think?  That seems to be what I remember buying.  Anywho, these are very similar to BG in design.  However, they are not as absorbent.  On the other hand, they are slimmer in fit!  We tried them for overnights...FAIL.  So, they are daytime diapers.  We double stuff these as well, but only because P is a heavy wetter.  It just makes everyone's lives easier.  Fewer full clothing changes.  I like them :-)  Plus, fun colors!  At least the ones I have.  Lime green?  Yes, please!

Apple Cheeks: I only have a couple of these.  I would honestly love to have more.  They are good for daycare as well, and super trim.  I have size 1 - supposed to go up to 20 lbs.  As I am learning, with ANY sizing, these are ESTIMATES. P is (I hope) not yet 20 lbs, but we are getting into some serious difficulties with fitting into these right now.  They take inserts as well, loading from the middle.  I would prefer if there was a little more PUL right around the legs.  I see more leakage on these than the nubunz at this point.  But, with double stuffing, it's not too bad.  Definitely not an overnight winner, though. NOTE: For size 1, I have found the doublers that BG makes actually fit perfectly into the stuff slot on these!  They are a smidge shorter, perfect for these!!!

Kushies: These are an AIO dype. There is a built-in flap, basically providing an extra layer.  For girls you leave it flat, for boys, fold up.  Now, it says to fold it for more protection, obviously in the front, for my boy.  Which means it would fasten in the back, like gDiapers (yes, I will cover these). doesn't look like they are supposed to, and I just leave the flap down.  The flap also will accommodate an insert for more absorbency! *Shrug*  Either way, they are a good daytime dype as well.  No stuffing/unstuffing, which is nice.  Sometimes velcro is rough because it wears out, but on an AIO it's nice because it mimics a disposable - easy on, easy off!  I likey! 

SposoEasy: These are very much like the Kushies.  They ALSO have a flap.  Again, if folding the flap, it appears that you fasten the diapers IN THE BACK.  Which looks kinda weird, but I suppose is totally irrelevant in terms of coverage.  I like them for the same reasons I like the Kushies.  I do not know which size I have of these OR the Kushies.  All I know is they still fit him and he still has room to grow.  This is all I care about, LOL.

gDiapers: We got the tiny size for when he was finally big enough for something other than those itty bitty preemie diapers.  For these, the insert goes straight into the dype.  All of theirs fasten in the back.  I really liked the tiny size, actually.  Now, poop leaks are the biggest issues with these.  We also used the small size up to about 12 lbs.  They are supposed to go to 14, but again, estimates.  For these there is a removable liner into which you put the insert.  Which means if no leakage, easy switch out if the liners are pre-stuffed.  I mentioned poop leaks.  Sometimes that liner simply doesn't hold things.  But, these are also very easily hand washed as they are not all crazy thick, and dry quickly.  Much easier to pack multiple dypes for a day out.  We used the biodegradeable, flushable liners at first.  We then switched to cloth liners, but didn't purchase their liners.  We used ones we had purchased generically. I think they were too big, really, as we started having more leakage issues.  Good to know.  I would have continued to use them (trim fit, easy to pack, etc) but we would have had to keep buying the next size up, so I made the move to OS (or so) to save money.  I really do love how trim they are.  And thus cute.  The leaks were worth it.

**We also have some pocket diapers coming from my sister from her former diaper service.  I don't know the brand, but they appear to be very much like BG.**

Prefolds: Apparently everyone but me (in our family) cannot stand these.  They really are not that difficult to use!  I like them.  They do stay very wet as they are not designed to wick moisture away. We have mostly Econobum covers, and one of some other variety that I currently cannot find, LOL.  We had some really cute tiny ones, but he has currently outgrown those. I like that I can reuse the cover as long as their isn't a poop blowout.  But NO ONE ELSE will use them if an easier one is around.  C'est la vie.  If you do prefolds, start with a medium - they fold to be made smaller, and go up to 29 lbs (approximately) - money saver!!! I do wish I had more covers...

Sometimes, even we "cheat".  There are reasons for this.  Either laundry day has been delayed, we are out for the day and don't want to carry dirty cloth diapers, etc.  In the beginning he was just too damn small!  Whatever it is, it happens sometimes.  With that in mind, here are the environmentally "friendly" brands we have tried once he was out of preemies!

7th Generation: These were AMAZING for absorbency!  Not even kidding.  All night.  No leaks.  Not gonna lie, makes me want to sometimes just use disposables at night.  Not to mention that there is no pee smell next to me in the morning!  Oh, sometimes I really do understand the draw.  Anywho, liked these a lot :-)

Full Circle: Pretty much the same make as the 7th Generation, but do have color and patterns (and therefore, one must assume, dyes).  Absorbency is excellent as well.  Hard to find.  Got them because there were packs on sale for $5 - umm, hello?  That is AWESOME!

So, as far as I can think, that wraps up my cloth diaper review (for what it's worth).

Look for a review on baby clothing sizes - the bane of my existence!  (could be worse, just sayin')
*I was NOT provided any diapers for review, compensated in any way, etc.  These are all my own opinions*

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