Monday, September 26, 2011

6 Months!

As you know, P turned 6 months young a week or so ago.  We have now had our checkup and are armed with stats!!!

Length: 25.5" - 25th percentile. (5th% 2 months ago)
Head Circumference: 17.25" - 50th percentile (5th% 2 months ago)
Weight: 18lb 5oz - 60th percentile (not even on the charts 2 months ago!!!)

As far as Doc is concerned, he is a normal, slightly above average weight 6 month old.  Healthy physically and developmentally.

What a journey, eh?

I pulled this from to get an idea of where we stand.  These standards are for 4-7 month of development.

Physical Skills
•Rolls both ways: Well, hard to say.  He can roll from belly to back when he wants.  He can roll from back to side to side, but not to belly.

•Sits with and without support of hands: Sure, if he is leaning on something!  LOL.  Not quite on this.  But stronger every day!

•Supports whole weight on legs: Oh, yeah.  Been pushing back with his legs for a couple of months now. 

•Reaches with one hand:  Been doing this for ages as well.  Poor Hubbys facial and chest hair!  LOL.

•Transfers object from hand to hand: Umm...he tends to grab with both hands, so hard to say.

•Uses raking grasp: Absolutely.

Social Skills
•Enjoys social play: With adults, yes.  Does not mind when other kids show serious interest in him.

•Interested in mirror images: Mirror baby is a good friend of P's.

•Responds to expressions of emotion: He defintely smiles in response to smiles, others he isn't to sure of.

•Appears joyful often: My kid grins and chatters and squeals with delight all the time.  It makes us laugh.  There is a lot of laughter in our house thanks to him :-)  Even with all the stress.

Cognitive Thinking
•Finds partially hidden object:  He looks for an object he loses, does that count?

•Explores with hands and mouth: All items are fair game for P's mouth.  Must touch, must gum.  Yup yup.

•Struggles to get objects that are out of reach: He does this most when on his belly, but when he was too small to reach things in his jumper or on his mat, he definitely reached for them.  It is especially evident now.

So, what I see from this list is that really, he is on track!  Not bad for 5 weeks early!  Really, it's some of the physical strength stuff in which he is a little slow (sitting, trying to crawl), and his head is still a little bobbly.  Then again, he has quadrupled his birth weight, essentially, so getting the strength to match the weight could take a little longer!  Besides, I am so not ready to baby proof and worry about turning around and finding he is eating paper or something, LOL.

A look back over 6 amazing months:

My teeny little newborn!

Snuggling his daddy, 1 month old

The silliness begins...2 months old

Found his smile, 3 months

Found his hands, 4 months

Water baby, 5 months

Peanut the Porker, 6 months
Happy 6 month to my not so Peanut-y Peanut!  We are so blessed!


  1. What a journey indeed! He's very well on track (of course while reading the list I was doing mental checks...) and at the next developmental check his height will catch up too you'll see!

  2. omg, paper is the least of your worries. i'm practically happy to see paper in the bean's mouth.

    so impressed with your giant, awesome peanut! and he's awful good looking, to boot!

    i think you're totally right, btw, that it's easier for smaller babies (like the bean, who's at more like 13th for wt) to move, because it takes less strength.


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