Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PMM: Mornings

I am a day late...the fact that today is my "Monday" always throws me off. 

It's been a rough few days at home.  And since Hubby has been doing the paper route.  It's rough.  I sleep alone a lot.  Now all the time. 

Saturday night I went to bed bawling my eyes out.  P was fussy, he woke up multiple times that night.  It was rough.  Sunday night was really no better.  P wouldn't let me put him down.  We were finally able to move to the bed, but he fussed off and on more than usual.  I ususally emerge from such nights terribly blurry eyed. 

The bonus was I didn't have to get up.  I could sleep until he woke me up.  In the mornings he stretches his little hands, squeaks, and slowly opens his eyes. If  I am already awake, I watch his process...because it ends with him realizng I am there and giving me the cutest sleepy morning grins. It can take a horrid morning and immediately make it all okay.

Monday morning I got to just "sleep in" (7am!).  I awoke to my son babbling away, chewing on his fingers and punching me in the back.  I rolled over, and was awarded by a big old french kiss/suck to the nose.  LOL. 

And for that moment, those few moments before we got out of the cocoon to face the day, it was okay.  Hubby was still here.  The day was full of possibilities.  Because really, how can you be out of sorts when your day starts like this:

Go link up with Lori, share your Perfect Moment, and read about others' perfect moments.  It will make you smile.  And sometimes, we all need a smile.


  1. Oh, that photo makes me feel so good. Nothing quite like a big old french kiss/suck to the nose from such a handsome boy :-)

    So glad to see you here in PMM, Genevieve!


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