Friday, September 16, 2011

FNL: caibh

  • The title stems from P managing to type on my phone while I was feeding him.  I opened this up and found a draft post, so the title stuck, LOL.  Figured he must've had something to say.
  • Remember OLBW?  The world doesn't want me to lose the baby weight.  Fell HARD.  2 days of limping.  I hate going home late because that is time with my kiddo I am missing.  So, that said, I am going to try and use our Wii Fit more as a compromise.
  • I officially become a Trucker Widow (TW) in 9 days.  Hubby leaves the day we were going to go play at Celtic Fest.  For 3 months.  We are hoping he gets a break for Christmas. As it is, it looks like he will be gone for Thanksgiving.  So much for seeing his family this holiday season.
  • This is really a GOOD thing.  It really is.  Maybe his benefits will include IF coverage!  Then I could go do my FET and surprise him!  Wow...that would be a dream come true right there.
  • I informed him that we are having a date night in the next week and that sex IS happening.  No way am I putting that off 3 more months.  Might as well send him off with a treat, right? 
  • Note: I am making an effort to make that happen.  Honestly I just want to sleep.  LOL.
  • We are pulling P out of daycare because of needing care 2 more days a week - cannot afford that.  Our soon-to-be former neighbor has agreed to watch him for whatever we can throw her right now.  So, on one hand, he will be getting one-on-one attention.  On the other...not much interaction with other kids.  Must do play-dates!
  • Also, I am switching shifts to a 5:50am-2:20pm shift.  Amusingly, it is with a woman whose Hubs is ALSO doing a truck driving school, leaving a week after mine!  Anywho, it gets me a few more hours a week.  I will have to be out the door with P at 5 am.  HA!  This should be interesting.  I will pack the night before, change his diaper, get me dressed and go.  Seriously.  That's all I am doing.  8 hours is going to seem like such a long shift at this point!
  • Porker (aka Peanut aka Phelan) has been refusing to BF - sometimes entirely, sometimes until after a bottle.  He gets frustrated at the slowness of my output.  Had me in tears the other day.  This morning he refused all milk, but happily ate close to 2oz of pears and oatmeal!  I can't figure this kid out.  Such a conundrum. 
  • No, he is NOT sleeping through the night.  Well, at least not without eating.  I swear he sleeps through his feedings.  Wakes up, is obviously hungry, but eyes stay shut and he eats himself back to sleep.  Sometimes as much as every 2 hours, and if I try for bigger feedings, I can't keep him awake long enough.  Sleep is overrated, right?  LOL.  At least I get lots of cuddle time.
  • Speaking of which.  He is pretty much too big for the cradle.  With the frequent wake-ups, no way am I putting him a floor away so that I can break my neck on the stairs in the middle of the night just so he can finally use his crib.  With Hubby being gone, I see no end to the co-sleeping thing.  I imagine it will get worse.  One day he will sleep in that fantastic crib his nana and great-grandpa bought for him, LOL. (It will be a toddler bed by then).
  • I keep forgetting to post daily pics!  Then again, not much new has been going on with him.  Will try to be better!
  • Giveaway coming up soon!  A SPONSORED Giveaway!  I have moved into the big leagues.  Just have to get my arse in gear and review the product.
  • Alright, bets on how much Porker weighs!  Based on this photo:

Baby Elvis
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  1. What a cutie!

    Out the door by 5am? Wow, that's hard! I complain aobut 7:40.

  2. Love that your Porker is already trying to blog!

  3. He's just a chunka-chunka burnin' love! ; )

  4. LOL. Total baby elvis!!!

    Well, the being away thing sucks a lot, but I'm glad that the job is working out!

    Good luck with it all!

  5. Oh man I suck at guessing weight but I LOVE chubby babies!! He is so amazing!

  6. He is such a cutie! I can't imagine having to get to work so early. I am NOT a morning person.

  7. Awww, he's not a poker. I'd say her weight is perfect.... the best answer! Right?

  8. whoa, sounds like peanut is eating up a storm! the bean is still toying with the whole concept.

    no sleeping through the night here, either, although we have trained him out of eating between bed and midnight, which helps.

  9. I am sorry you're not sleeping, that hubby is going to be away so long (wow, I could not do it, you're a strong girl) but that picture of P is making me giggle, what a cutie pie. It's been too long since I held him, you'll have to come visit, Gio and Jacob will love to see a baby!


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