Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apologetic Debbie Downer

I have been a serious downer lately.  And I apologize.  I swear I am not crying and weepy and mopey all the time.  Just very overwhelmed right now, and PMS is NOT helping!  Could have done without the return of AF last month. 

All is not doom and gloom.  P is a constant source of joy.  He smiles alllll the time.  He giggles!  Which is hysterical.  I won't know until after his 6 month checkup in 12 days (not counting or anything...), but I am fairly certain he is not only on the charts, but easily 50% percentile.  PORKER!  LOL.  And thoroughly entertaining. 

I promise a 6 month photo shoot very soon!  Can't afford to pay for one, so I am doing it myself!  Hope it comes out!  Fall theme, of course. 

Anywho, wanted to just say sorry for all the downer posts!


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