Friday, September 23, 2011

FNL: Changes

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  • Tonight marks my last night with Hubby until sometime around Christmas.  Yup.  I am freaking out. 
  • To make sure we get some, ahem, ALONE time tonight, we are putting P to bed in his crib.  For the first time.  That should get us, oh, maybe an hour, LOL. 
  • Yes, he has a crib.  It stores blankets, stuffed animals, and occasionally diapers.  It's beautiful.  Tonight it will hopefully store a sleeping Peanut.
  • I think I am going to clean the hell out of my house this weekend.  Gotta keep myself busy.  And catch up on premieres of the Fall TV season on HULU.  Must. Distract. Myself.
  • STILL working on the giveaway post - this week has been hectic, and I haven't really had a chance to filddle around with the product to give a good review of it.  I am hoping to squeeze that in this weekend as well!
  • I am excited for P's 6 month well-baby on Monday!  Squeee!  Let's see just how big the Porker is, LOL.
  • The Save the Frosties campaign raised $350.  Thank you all SOOOOO much!  I have to call and pay the last 2 months that are now overdue and find out if I can pay a partial month for October and then move them to a new facility with my own wheels.  Cross your fingers.
  • Also cross your fingers that maybe Hubby's new insurance will have IF benefits!  How cool would that be???
  • My chronic headaches are back.  I think it's a combination of removing sugar from my diet and no longer being on my Zoloft.  I stopped taking it to save whatever little bit of money I could. I am going to have to go back on it.  I am emotionally all over the place, headaches are back.  It's just not pretty.
  • We owe nearly a month's worth of rent to family/friends for getting us through rent the last 2 months.  Sigh.  Some day we won't go through this, right?
  • I think it is "try not to murder your husband" week.  At least, it seems that seems myself and some other friends are on the brink of justifiable homicide. 
  • In case you are law enforcement and reading this, that is a JOKE.  Get it?
  • For the record, I have no idea why anyone in Law Enforcement that I don't already know would be reading this.
  • Note: I am giving up this train of thought as I am digging a bigger and bigger hole with this one.
It's officially Fall!  Go enjoy it!


  1. Glad you could raise some significant amount through the fundraising.

    Hubby will be away for so long! I am sure you are freaking out.

    I like your cleaned out blog layout.


  2. Woohoo for the frosties and definitely it won't be like this forever. you are managing very well an almost impossible situation. I am so sorry I am not there to be able to help a bit. You will be fine. Christmas will be here before you know it, you are not alone. much love, Fran

  3. stopping by from FNL. I have all sorts of picture of my kids cribs when they were babies but I am pretty sure none of them had a actual child in it. We nicknamed our oldests crib the cat bed because the cats loved it and she maybe slept in it twice.

  4. Stopping by from a chuckle about the crib. My son (now 6) was hardly in his. In fact, he was in it so little that he asked me yesterday if we could put it back together so it could hold toys and stuffed animals for him, making it easier to clean his room.

  5. Glad to hear you raised a bunch through the Save the Frosties campaign.

    What a bummer that your hubby will be away for such a long time...but I hope your new insurance will cover IVF.

  6. That would be awesome if your new insurance covered IVF! And, yes, I agree, this week is "try not to murder your husband" week...

    I can't believe you will be without your hubby for 3 months! My sympathies!

  7. So sorry you'll be away from your husband for so long. That just stinks! Here's to great insurance though!


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