Friday, September 9, 2011

FNL: Sugar Free

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  • I went sugar free as of Tuesday.  I am going BONKERS.  Well, except for the iced tea in the fridge, but no more cookies, sugar on my oatmeal, etc.  I got it out of my system by living on cookies last weekend.  But NO MORE.  Operation Lose Baby Weight (OLBW).
  • Of course, I want to be pregnant again like NOW.  So perhaps it is counter-intuitive.  I am trying to push the fates...if I lose the weight, $5k will miraculously appear so we can do an FET, which will of course be miracle #2. 
  • It would help if I had gotten that other job.  How the hell did I f**k up a phone interview for which I was OVERqualified?  Grrr. 
  • Now I need to find something else.  Or $5k.  Sigh.
  • Hubby is considering getting his CDL so he can get a driving job.  Because, you know, I want to be home alone. 
  • Come to think of it, he already stopped sleeping in our bed because getting out of a cozy bed at 2am is not working for him.  I miss my husband.
  • I seem to remember something called sex...vaguely.  I think Hubby has actually given up.
  • Wow, I seem like a serious Debbie Downer today.  Huge apologies.  I've been fairly chipper.  Just the frustrations coming out I guess. 
  • I am so wishing I could do something right now for all the people I know who have been affected by the massive flooding here in PA.  Please, if you can, donate to the Red Cross, clean your closet out and find clothes, whatever you can.  I will be donating what clothes I can as that is pretty much my only option right now.  Please help.  Please. 
  • This new autumnal change to the weather absolutely rocks my world.  It makes me so excited to do P's 6 month photos (I am doing them myself to save $$) - can you say PUMPKIN PATCH???  Oh, yeah.... SQUEEEEEEE!!!
  • I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop to help with some extra money. With my photos and start doing some crocheted items. Thoughts? How does one do this? 
  • My c25k project did not begin so well. Asthma, way too long since I have worked out, coming off injury...I couldn't even complete the first day. I am however committing myself to 3-4x/week 30 min brisk walks on the treadmill. It is better than nothing, and help with OLBW. I am so tired of feeling pudgy, out of shape, and unsexy.
  • Positivity: I think P is going to be close to 50th% on the charts when he goes in on the 26th. I can't wait to see. How insane is it that my 4lb kiddo has very likely gone from <5th% to average size in 2 months??? Seriously, he has surpassed some of my Bleeps babies who were either older or bigger. Porker. Now of course, I am worried he is gaining TOO fast.
  • I am remembering, in light of the last couple weeks of natural disaster mania, to count my blessings. Yes, we had to beg $$ to pay rent. Yes, we are struggling. But right now, we still have a roof over our heads, food on the table, love in our hearts. We are blessed.


  1. It's super-easy--and free!--to open an Etsy shop. Your crocheting is wonderful--you should definitely do it!

  2. I've thought the same thing about how lucky/ blessed we are with all the crazy things going on lately- earthquake, flood.... ugh.

    I don't know how you are going sugarfree. I'd pull my hair out one strand at a time. Good luck!

  3. We gave to red cross and if you make a couple or 3 crocheted hats I'll buy them from you lovely lady!!!

  4. WOMAN! Let me buy them or else..........

  5. Go you! I saw your comment on my blog. :) Does this mean you have saved the frosties? You probably mentioned it in a blog before but I completely missed it!


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