Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

I forgot to do FNL, so I'm going to do this instead!

  1. We started P on solids.  I know, I know, we said 6 months.  But he just seemed ready!  So far he is loving apples, pears, bananas, yams, and peas.  The jury is out on acorn squash and avocados, and carrots have not yet been attempted.  It is a trip feeding him.  He takes an ounce 2-3 times a day.  Give or take.... I can't believe we are on solids!!!  Gah!  Where does the time go???
  2. We are also (mostly) into 3-6 month clothes at last.  I put him on the produce scale last week, and he appears to be hovering around 15lbs.  Wow....
  3. Today marks 3 years being married to Hubby.  Longest marriage and relationship so far :-)  He is AMAZING, and I am a lucky woman.  
  4. STILL have not heard back about the job I had a phone interview for.  It's been more than 2.5 weeks.  I emailed AGAIN today.  Sigh.  I hate job hunting.  This is driving me bonkers.  But if we want #2, it's a necessity, plus, you know, I despise my job.  
  5. Starting a c25k today.  Eep.  I am nervous.  But I will DO IT!!!  Decided  to stay 30 minutes late at work to use the treadmill.  Accordingly, I am in sweats and sneakers today.  That, and it's 63 degrees today!  Woohooo!  Bring on Fall!
  6. I am so damn tired of oatmeal and peanut butter.  But man, do I poop well these days!  Oatmeal for boob juice, peanut butter for protein and ease of consumption and cost.
  7. P blows raspberries now .  It is farking hysterical.  The whole top of his onesie gets soaked from the drool, LOL.  
  8. P has gone from despising belly time to actually enjoying it for a bit.  Until he gets frustrated that he can't go anywhere yet.  I sense baby gates sooner rather than later.  I am NOT ready for a crawling, moving baby.  Because it means 1) that he is no longer going to be my teeny baby and 2) that means baby proofing is close behind.  Gack!  Why can't they stay little?  
  9. I finally got to watch Off The Map on Hulu, only to find out it was canceled - mid-season from what I can tell.  I. Am. Pissed.  Oh, well.  Life goes on without hot Aussie hippie doctors, right?
  10. Autumn seems to have arrived.  Color me THRILLED!  Though, I need more jackets for P to go over all the short-sleeve stuff we have.  So...next week will be hitting up a thrift store after work.   

Happy Tuesday, all.  It's my Monday!  Le sigh.


  1. I'm hoping that fall stays here in PA, too. I'm fearful though that it's just so dang early that we'll have another few 95 degree days. Blech.

    What's the c25K all about?

  2. I am also loving the fall weather!!!

    I also love babies that blow raspberries :) xoxo

  3. It looked liked that show got cancelled. I liked it, but thought it was trying to copy Grey's Anatomy a little too much.

  4. omg i hear you on oatmeal fatigue. plus, eating oatmeal means no eating grits. i <3 grits.

    fyi, as i understand it, there's no medical reason to delay solids past 4 months if you/baby are ready. people get hung up on the 6 month thing -- we've certainly been clucked at -- but they are confusing the beginning of solids with the end of breastmilk.

  5. I'm still waiting for fall weather.

    Love that P blows raspberries.

    Was truly ticked off that they canceled Off The Map.

  6. First off, I have to say that I LOVE that you weighed the baby on the produce scale!!! I used to do that with Cole and Bella and I remember one lady yelled at me. She was all, "That's for FOOD, not babies". But I was desperate to know how much they weighed and I was grocery shopping and there was an empty scale available!

    I'm so envious that it feels like fall where you are. It's been in the 100's here where I am. Yuck...so ready for the cooler weather!

  7. It's a little bit heartbreaking when they move from one stage to another, because you know the old one isn't coming back... BUT... it's amazing how quickly the next one gets exciting and fun and amusing. It's a wonderful distraction. :) Crawling is a PITA, sure, but it's also hilarious and kinda fun too.

  8. the girl on off the map that had her leg ripped off graduated from my hs the year before i did :)

  9. happy anniversary! and luck on the job - job hunting totally sucks :(

    way to grow, P!!


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