Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time In A Bottle

One month today.  One month.  How is that possible?  How is it that this little boy has already been with us that long?  How is it going so quickly?  Why can't they stay tiny?

I need more time.  I need it to slow down.  I have appealed to Father Time, but my pleas fall on deaf ears.  Time marches inexorably onward, without my permission. 

Change is good, the changing of the seasons, growth, change...but could I ask it to just move a little slower?  I want to always be able to hold him on my chest while we sleep, feel his warmth, his softness next to my skin.  I want him to fit there, for him to always take comfort in the beat of my heart against his ear. 

But I also want to see the boy he will become, know what his voice will sound like, what color his eyes and hair will turn, see the young boy, young man, man he will become.  I want to teach him to be kind, generous, loving, the kind of man his father is. 

But not yet. 

Can I bottle some?  Please?  It's a small request.


  1. Awwww I know!!! But you know there are so many exciting things ahead, you won't stop being amazed by your little boy and even though he wont' be as tiny, he'll be looking at you smiling and you'll wonder how could you have lived till now without those smiles. Love, Fran

  2. Has it been a month already?! Yes, most definitely -- let's slow this down! :) Keep cherishing the moments, my dear. Xo.

  3. Oh honey, I still want things to slow down. But you know what, my oldest is taller than me, has a voice as deep as his dad's, and he still wants to curl up in my lap when he doesn't feel good. He will always want and need his mommy.

  4. Oh, I know...the time does go by so quickly. It makes me sad when I look back at baby pictures, to realize how quickly time went. Wish I had treasured that time so much more than I had!


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