Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Weeks!

So we have good news!  We went to the Ped today for a weight check....and we are doing better!  We have regained his birth weight!  YEEHAAAAAA!  Mama breathed a sigh of relief. A big one.  Phew!

So, as of today, he is back to 4lb 8oz.  He has also grown an entire inch in the last 2 weeks!  Holy growth spurt!  Actually, more like a week and a half.  Can you imagine if we grew like that all the time?  Holy shit!  Head circumference up 1/2" as well. 

To give you an idea of how "big" our little man is, here are some comparisons: 
  • Pick up a 5lb bag of flour.  That's him fully clothed, swaddled, etc.  Maybe still a little heavier. 
  • Pick up a softball.  That's his head, essentially.  He's actually 1/2" larger around now, but still, gives you an idea. 
So, that means a bag of flour+softball = Peanut.  LOL.  New math.

As far as milestones, that's tough.  He seems to be on target even though he's preemie.  His neck is pretty damn strong, and we did some belly time yesterday.  He pushed himself up, and, I shit you not, ROLLED OVER.  Twice!  (Because I had to see if he'd do it again.)  Ummm, he's not supposed to do that for months yet.  Obviously totally accidental, but I'm gonna keep testing it and video it if I can.  Pediatrician didn't believe me!  LOL.  Anyway, he's a strong little bugger :-)

We asked for no newborn clothes...and so only have a few hand-me-downs.  We broke down and bought some preemie clothes (and received a couple as well), but it's difficult to keep up.  My fantastic neighbor has kindly done baby loads for me so we aren't at the laundromat 3x/week. we went to Carter's.  I should not be allowed in there.  $250 later, we left with pretty much every preemie outfit they have (it's not that much) and some newborn ones.  Yes, he's growing like a weed, but he'll still fit the preemie stuff a bit longer.  And I don't want to have to wash every 2 days. 

Thursday is our newborn photo shoot with my dear Rebecca Fuhs Gotzon who did the maternity shots.  So excited!!!  I hope he cooperates, LOL.  Don't worry, you'll get to see them as soon as we have them back.

And, 2 weeks postpartum I am finally in normal undies (though still quite limited in movement/lifting, etc) and am down 14 lbs with 32 to go.  I cannot wait to be able to be more active!

On another note, one of the biggest lessons I have learned in the last 2 weeks is to NEVER say never.  Why, you ask?  Well, let me tell you!
  1. I was NOT going to be induced.  Whoops.
  2. I was NOT having a c-section.  Hmm, tell that to my son.  My body said, "Get out."  He said, "Hell, no!  It's cozy in here!" 
  3. I was anti-pacifier, at least early on.  That lasted a whopping 40 hours until the photographer came and he wouldn't calm down.  It's still only a calmer, and I will never let it become an addiction for him, but yeah, lost that personal battle pretty quickly. 
  4. I wasn't going to have him in the bed with us while sleeping.  Yeah...tell that to me after I fall asleep regularly nursing him, no matter what position we use.  Then I wake in a panic.  Sometimes it is because he simply won't calm down unless he is on my which case I sleep semi-propped with him on his back between my BBs. 
  5. I was staunchly anti-formula.  Whoops again.  We need to pack the weight onto him, so we are supplementing.  But my milk comes out fast enough that using the SNS overwhelms him, so onto a different topic, I'm supplementing by BOTTLE.  Ugh.  At least he will be used to them by the time I return to work. 
So, never say never, LOL. 

Coming soon - the requisite BFing post.  Speaking of which, Peanut is currently face down in a boob bigger than his own head, arms resting on it above his he looks rather like a mini Superman who face planted into a boob.  LMAO. 

I leave you with a photo (just one, I promise...I'm behaving!)

Remember I said when he is in REM he shows all kinds of emotions?  I managed to capture
the smile...I cannot wait for this to come out in response to US.  HUGE grin!


  1. How sweet! I tell you, we also lost the battle with the soother pretty quickly. My husband was more like "No no don't give it to him..." till I glare at him and hissed "then you get up for the millionth time to pat him on the head!"
    Now he's totally fine with it, it's some sort of a game for him to spit it out while smiling and not wanting it back. But if he cries I'm totally for the soother. You are doing great!

  2. LOL. Love the superman image!

    Go Peanut!

  3. Hooray for regaining his birthweight! That is so important :) And yes, you do change your mind about a lot of things when you have to deal with screaming, issues etc. But he sounds like he's doing so great!!
    take care

  4. Sounds as though you and your teeny tiny bundle of joy are working out perfectly! :) Love the photo - absolutley precious!

  5. Aww, that smile will melt a glacier :)

  6. He is so precious. I have seen his pics on FB, and yep he is small..but he is doing so well.

    Take Care!

  7. He is so cute I could just cry :)

    and as for the list of never say never, yeah, well, I think that we might have tossed that one back when we started seeing fertility specialists! I made the decision early not that I reserve the right to change my mind at any time for any reason! I hereby give you permission to do the same!



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