Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Yay! I Can Move!

  • My kiddo is growing like a weed!  He will be too long for the full length preemie onesies soon, but not the short ones or the pants.  And he's still skinny, LOL.  He eats like a horse.
  • PETA can suck my dick.  They said they removed the "in honor of" part, but they still left it up that it their stinking campaign is during NIAW. 
  • Hubby and I have worked out an agreement (well, I basically told him how it will be, LOL).  Since I feed on demand and am often up multiple times at night, if Peanut gets all worked up and won't stop fussing, he is on soothing duty.
  • It is challenging figuring out what bottles work best for his little mouth for the supplementation.  We end up mopping up a lot, LOL. 
  • Babies do NOT like to be changed six times and put in weird positions for a photo shoot.  His binky features prominently.  And we may be celebrating the cranky, honestly.  Babies aren't always placid and cute, so why not tell the true story, right?  We shall see what our dear Rebecca Gotzon does with what we got.  I can't wait!
  • Peanut's umbilical stump fell off during the photo shoot!  Kinda cool!  There was still some sort of pus-y looking stuff, but that seems to have dried up as well.  I sense a real bath in the near future.
  • I can finally move without discomfort - which means I can start doing things around the house and  going for walks to work on this 30 lbs I still have to kick. 
  • I have figured out how to keep up on blogs!  I may not be commenting on every post, but rest assured, I am in fact reading again!  Android phone + touch screen + BFing = BLOG TIME! 
  • I am battling for my full 8 weeks of maternity leave and pissed that we only get that much and ONLY because I had a c-section.  Our maternity leave policies in this country are absolute crap and I am already dreading leaving him.  It's too damn soon...
  • Lauren is coming up today!  Her ET is tomorrow, and she is coming to meet the Peanut today!  Woohoo!
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I was wondering how you'd been able to comment so much lately! I'm impressed!

    Yeah, seriously, from "in honor" to "during" is SO much better. Yeah, right.

  2. Our leave policy is the US blows, as does PETA.

    Have you tried Dr Brown or Born Free bottles? I liked them both, but Born Free nipples are much more similar to breasts. Bobby and Maya loved them (both, but especially the BF bottles)

  3. If I had a winky, PETA could suck mine too. ;) That first bath (for Peanut, not you!) is really incredibly awesome. I was really chomping at the bit for his belly button and his circ to heal up so I could get him in the tub. He wasn't a fan of that first one, but starting with bath #2 he became a huge fan of bath time. It's his favorite thing... after food of course!

    Hope you enjoy every minute.

  4. Peta SUCKS!

    Have you tried the Nuk nipples for the bottle/supplimenting? My boys were breastfed and the Nuk nipples came in various sizes and seemed to work well for breastfed babies.

  5. Have fun with Lauren - I wish I could meet him too!!

    Glad Peanut is growing so fast :)

    Yeah this country sucks in how it treats new mothers. I think 3-6 months minimum mandatory leave is needed..and at least a month paternity leave. Cj and I talk all the time about moving to France for this reason (and oh so many the espresso - mmmmmmmm)

  6. Battling for 8 weeks maternity leave? There's something seriously wrong with that fact. Way to support working mothers, right? Oh well, hope the next few weeks (and years) go by blissfully! Glad he's so strong and growing so fast though - even though I'm sure it's hard to watch in a way.

  7. 8 weeks! That's ridiculous. Over here(uk) it's more like six months to a year. Poor you x

  8. Can't wait to see pics and YEAH for growing like a weed!


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