Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: MOOOOOO

  • Peanut is "cluster feeding" at night - basically glues himself to my boobs for 3 or 4 hours a night.  Pump?  Ha!  He is sucking me dry.  Before bed.  The only reason I get any relief is his night time supplement bottle.  Moooooo.
  • Downside to a public blog?  There is stuff I want to write about and can't.
  • STILL haven't lost weight...and with my needy child glued to me, it's damn near impossible.  Good thing I like cuddling :-)
  • A Moby Wrap is in the mail to me - hoping this helps with the above bullet point!  
  • Peanut is in newborn clothes and newborn diapers - can still squeeze him into the others, but that's what it is: squeezing.  Which leads to extra leaking.
  • I don't leak - it's weird to me.  No 
  • However, when he cries, instant aching nipples, LOL.  My BBs are sore like PMS or early pregnancy.  At the same time, I feel like I am JUST producing enough.  So the mix of formula and breast milk will likely continue.  Any breast milk is good, so you won't see me stopping any time soon.
  • I have to get better at taking my alfalfa and drinking my mother's tea - supposed to help with production.  I think part of it is that he just doesn't take that much at once - tiny belly.  But he also comfort nurses a lot.
  • I have never had a stye in my life.  Twice in the last 2 weeks, same eye.  How weird (and crappy) is that?
  • It is amazing how quickly time passes when I seriously do almost nothing but nurse and sleep. Hubby has been cooking more because I can't get Peanut off of me long enough to do it.  Again, hoping Moby helps out there as well.  
  • We died Hubby's hair dark like the one photo came out from our shoot.  He looks BANGIN'!  Took seriously 10-15 years off.  He is looking fantastic and we likey!  
  • Weather says 3 good days in a row coming up!  Hello walks!  Woohoo!  
Have a good weekend everyone!!!  Love you!!!


  1. Cluster feedings are rough. Joey was a bad one for that and it felt never ending. Hope the Mobi wrap helps out.

  2. I hope the wrap gives you a little more freedom :)

    Sweet getting hubby looking younger! I've been trying to get mine to shave his beard for the same effect but he won't, LOL.

  3. Please share how you like the Moby when it gets here.

  4. You could try pumping after a day feed and see if you have much left. They say it helps increasing the supply. Cluster feeding are tough, but he's growing so well! And the wrap is going to be amazing, I do think the Mobys are a bit too long for tiny frames, but you'll tell me how it feels for you. And oh boy I hear you on the weight...I think I have lost a tiny bit in the last couple of weeks, my hands aren't swelling any more (rings easily going in and out) so that's nice.
    you have to post a pic of DH with the mini make over!!

  5. Cluster feeding has brought new meaning to our house when we talk about mulit-tasking. Hope the sling thing works for ya lovely lady!!


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