Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Need An Ark

  • This is a VERY rainy Spring here in eastern PA.  I swear we get one non-rainy day a week.  Come on, I've only got a few weeks left!  I'd like some outside time!
  • In the last week, the past has tracked me down.  Something I wasn't sure I wanted.  But 10 years is a long time.  And it's good to see some old faces, speak to people who know what greek I speak.  My closest friends from the Peace Corps have resurfaced, thanks to one tracking me down.  And one of my Namibian sisters.  And it feels right.  And it feels good.  A decade has is time to stop hiding.
  • To Heather: we did the Dependent Care plan as well - pre-tax savings rock.
  • We figured out why he was throwing up the formula!  He got too excited and drank more than he really could handle.  If we keep it to 2 oz, he is golden.  Yeah, 2 oz.  It's not much, but it's all he takes right now.  Yay for solving that! 
  • Nursing bras that fit properly, despite the cost, are absolutely magnificent!  Ahhhhh.
  • Baby colds are tough - I feel terrible.  He got it from me.  I spent all day Wednesday sucking snot out of his nose, the poor thing!  His poor eyes were all red and runny.  He is such a trooper. 
  • Fran asked where Peanut will be on Tuesdays.  He will be with Hubby all day.  I am jealous.  It might change a bit though if he gets summer work...if it's worth it.
  • Been hanging out with Pixie a couple days a week - glad we have all moved on.  Nice to have a friend in town :-)
  • Peanut has a "stork bite" on the back of his neck, so he will most likely have a bit of a remaining red mark after a while. I like the name :-)  It developed in the last week or so. 
  • Hubby has been working on our yard...which seems silly, on one hand, since we rent, but we are blocking off part of it (not a large yard) with a jury-rigged gate and fence to give the dog his area, and we will be tilling and reseeding the rest so that this summer Peanut has a yard!  We bought a little kids table w/umbrella and 2 chairs, plus a kids patio swing...he's way too small, but I couldn't resist, and we will have it for time to come.  It's going to be so cute in the yard! 


  1. Awww, birth marks are adorable and he may be an itty bitty cutie now but soon he'll e huge which has the added benefit of him turning to you one day and telling you how much he loves you.

  2. Sorry to hear that you and baby are feeling a little cold. Since it sounds like Spring has a split personality in PA too...I guess it is inevidable. I'm coming down with something myself. Can't wait until it stops raining/snowing long enough to do yard work like your hubby!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Baby colds truly suck. Hope the rain up there stops and you both feel better soon.

  4. Hello my dear! Well you know Oliver has a stork bite too!! at the back of his neck and a very very faint/small one on his eye lid (we actually didn't see it at all, it was the paed pointing it out) they seem to be more obvious if he's crying.
    The poor Peanut with a cold...can you get some essential oils (eucalyptus for example) to put on a cloth and having it near by? It may help!
    Much love,

  5. I love stork bites!! They have the cutest name :)

    Thanks for all the kind words lately by the is so nice to have company during this crazy time!

    Love ~ Marianne


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