Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Saturday Edition

Yeah, I'm late, what of it?  LOL. 
  • Thanks for your kind words about our tax situation.  To answer some questions, filing separately did not help, and we actually didn't have enough medical to make a difference.  Blah.  We filed and will wait for them to contact us regarding a payment plan.  We could empty our savings paying it all, or we can do payments.  We are opting to do payments at this point. 
  • Frosties:  We have not actually made the decision to try for a 2nd child yet, but I am unable to let go.  There is still a chance we will donate them.  But I believe we will be paying the storage fee for a year to give ourselves time to make a rational decision - well, mostly rational.  There is a lot to consider, to be addressed at a later date.  Thinking about it makes me cry, so for now, basking in the glow of Peanut.
  • We figured out which bottle works best of the ones we have - Breastflow.  Pretty nifty. 
  • Of course, now that we figured that out, he started throwing up formula (definitely NOT spit-up), so we are on a formula break.  But it's fine - we still need them for when he starts daycare.
  • No, I still don't know if I have my 8 weeks.  I called nearly every day this week to the OB and the LOA team at work - turns out Wendy no longer does the paperwork, so I had been leaving messages for the wrong person and no one bothered to tell me.  Sigh.  Hopefully Monday I will finally get to clear things up.  Dear me, I'm not ready to be heading back in 2 weeks.  Fucking USA. 
  • We have NOT started cloth diapers yet - we have a few different kinds, but he's still too small for me to deal with it.  ADVICE NEEDED:  we need buckets for soaking, right?  Before we take them to launder?  And what goes in the buckets?  Just water??? 
  • Peanut is still in preemie clothes!  Though, anything with feet are now too short.  And happily, a friend from my old part-time job has a big box of newborn clothes for me :-)  Yay! 
  • Thank you cards are written, now have to address, and put together the birth announcements, too.  I have tons of stuff I have to send out, and gifts for some of you ladies to get out.  Hopefully will get that finished this weekend. 
  • And finally, I owe you nursery photos!  Long overdue, but we barely got it finished before Peanut arrived, and then the bed from our room was in there for 2 weeks, but now it is REALLY finished, so I present to you, the nursery! 

Welcome to the nursery!

This is the little rug Littlest found - right in the entrance.

This one is in the center of the floor.

Right side of the room - futon, and closet.

Wall directly opposite the door - that dresser was $5 at a garage sale,
and with some sanding and paint love, we have a gorgeous piece!  And
those corner shelves rock my world.  The chair rocks and swivels, and
was FREE.  Blanket courtesy of Nana :-)

Changing table was a donation from Frog and Pixie - sand and paint
love :-)  Masks on the left are from my time in Africa (well, 2 of them).

Dresser on the right was in my mom's garage and was icky.  Again,
happy sanding and painting!  Crib is convertible, and the framed art
above the crib is the poem "Tuesday's Child" or something like that,
done in Calligraphy by my aunt. 

So, that's the nursery!  There is also a play room leading to the nursery, but it's still a bit in progress.  I'm happy with what we did with our limitations :-)


  1. Cloth diapers...soaking? I will have a dry pail (just a step trash can with a diaper pail liner with a zipper at the bottom), I am going to spray the poopy ones with bac-out (supposed to help with stains, mined will be horrid as I have had to change to formula feeding as I have no more milk).

    I haven't started little man on cloth diaper yet either! Can't as he is waaaay too little. I have prefolds w/ Thirsties covers (need to start the washing process for those!), and about 20 pocket diapers, with a few of other kinds in there too (snap in liners etc). My daycare lady is game for cloth (yay!) but we are still figuring out how long he will actually need daycare (looking to be around 2 hours a day).

    I go back to work in 11 days...shoot me!

  2. Well, i love the bottles you are using! They seem very very high tech indeed! mine are much simpler. Yey for Peanut outgrowing the premy stuff! i have admired your most recently updated pics on FB and dried a few tears! i really think he looks like you a lot! On the cloth nappy you are right in waiting till he's a bit bigger, they'll leak otherwise. And i have a dry bucked not a soaking system so I can't help really, but i think you may have napisan in with the water (a sanitizer). You may also ask the nappy laundry service you'll be using (we don't have such a thing in Ireland, so I do my own nappy-washing!)
    And so sorry for the short maternity leave, I really feel for you, but it will be fine once you start. Big hugs and catch you on gmail chat Ah!

  3. I love the nursery theme :) How annoying about your leave from work. Hope that gets sorted out!
    Take care

  4. What a gorgeous nursery. It is amazing.

  5. I'm with you- maternity leave is too short in the USA. & I love the nursery. Congrats on getting it done!

  6. Those bottles look awesome. What kind of formula were you using? Maybe he has a lactose allergy. Have you tried lactose free one?

  7. I am a sucker for the visual so kind of skipped straight to the photos....and they are amazing.

    Cricket has wonderful environs and parents who love him so much...I loved the newborn piccies too...Benjamin Button and all! (I liked the last one a lot too.)

  8. Fun baby room! Cricket will love it! Oh, and beautiful baby photos...I love the one you said you are going to blow up for your home.

  9. the nursery looks great!!!!!! I love the monkeys!!!!


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