Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bloggy Love!

Just a quick post to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my dear Foxy Popcorn on her BFP!  I am so pleased for her.  Her ET was only hours after our little Peanut arrived, her mom made his coming home hat, and I believe our children are now forever linked by an amazing 1st 24 hours of Spring.  Please go wish her congrats and hugs, as she is a whole lot happy, a bit in shock, and not a little bit scared.  I love you my Foxy Lady!

Also, another dear friend, Lauren, has her retrieval early tomorrow morning and has TONS of follies.  She is sore, excited, and, most likely, a bit terrified.  Go wish her luck!  Love you, honey.  As soon as I can drive I will come distract you :-)

Thanks ladies! 


  1. oh my dear dear Genevieve! There are no words to thank you for all of the love and support. and Yes, our babes are forever linked, as are we!


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