Monday, April 18, 2011


Today was a good day at work...and I don't even work outside baby time right now!  How is this possible you ask?  Well, I shall share!

First, I FINALLY got my leave approved for the 8 weeks this morning.  Although, minor heart attack, they sent me the wrong approval letter with the original 6 week date.  Luckily, they sent the correct one before I  got through to someone and ripped some poor person a new asshole.  So, official return to work is May 16th.  However...due to my schedule, it will actually be the 17th.  Huh...what is it about the middle of May??? 

Second, I bid for my shift today (I work in a call center, and our schedules change every 6 months or so - our choice of shifts is based on rank, so the better you do, the better shot you have at the shift you want), and I actually got my first choice!  Not bad considering I've missed a large chunk of time!  So, I will be working 9:30-4:30, Tuesday through Saturday.  It's a reduced shift, 32.5 hours a week, which might actually keep me sane!  I will have a large chunk of Sunday, and all of Monday with Hubby and Peanut. Woohoo!

Peanut will be in daycare Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, approximately the same hours I work.  An hour longer, actually.  Hubby will drop off and I will pick up.  I don't think I can bear to leave him there, but I will want to rescue him, LOL. He could probably go fewer hours, but Hubby's schedule is a bit erratic, so just covering our bases. Saturdays, Pixie will watch him 11-4.  I fear all the time I will miss, all the firsts, and that he will get to know his daycare providers and Pixie (who works at the daycare) more than me. 

The other good news is that we will be receiving a subsidy of $200 through work toward child care - covering just under half of our monthly daycare costs!  So that helps a lot!  Not with other costs, but it's a bit of a load off. 

So...a good day at work, without leaving the comfort of my couch and recliner.  Happy camper right here.  Yup.

Lastly, here is the last photo from the photo shoot.  God, I love this child!


  1. Hey, by the way, if you have access to a dependent care flexible spending account through work, I highly recommend using it to pay for daycare--you will definitely come out ahead tax-wise doing it that way. I was shocked at how much it saved me when Riley was little!

  2. That's awesome!!! And, seriously, too cute.

  3. Awesome. I'm so glad that you got the work thing figured out.

  4. I'm so glad you got the shift you want...and the daycare situation doesn't sound too bad! Yeah!

  5. Wooohooo...definitely good news from work.

    And, that is a super cute picture.

  6. Great news at work!!! And where will Peanut be on tuesday? It's fantastic that Pixie works at the day care and will be able to mind him on saturday. I really look forward to get to know Oliver's carers at the Creche when he'll be going as I feel they'd be the best sitters if we ever need them.
    Love, Fran

    ps: and of course the photo is stunning!

  7. I'm SO GLAD you got your 8 weeks!!!


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