Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sleep Plan...Update

It's been, ummmmm, 3 weeks now? Since we side-car'd the crib. I thought I would update you on how the sleep thing is going.

First - keep in mind that there were holidays, overnight trips, etc during that time period. That NEVER helps.

However, there has been amazing progress. At one point we had him off formula entirely at night until about 4 am. Some nights that doesn't work as he will refuse the water or it won't satiate him.

Before, he was up AT LEAST every 2 hours. And since he is now VERY roly poly, I got kicked, moved to the edge of the bed, etc. This kiddo can MOVE.

Now...he will very often go 5-6 hours before awakening. and then back to sleep for another 5-6 hours. One night he went 7, another 8. OMG, I feel like a new woman! Not getting him up at 4:45 has also been a huge help. That severely affects him.

We also set up a "cuddle corner" in his room. Dog bed with a blankie, stuffed animals. And we have had some luck with actually getting him to nap on his own.

The one thing that is still a struggle is that he really will only go down with a bottle. Naps and bedtime. When he is out he lets it go, so I'm not worried terribly about it pooling. Usually when it sucks air, that seems to be his signal that it's time to sleep. I haven't figured out how to break this, even with the book. But hey, the progress we have made makes me SOOOO happy.

He rolls all over the crib. There are nights where he ends up with me again. There are nights where I wake up and he is lying across the crib into the bed. Or has completely flipped around. So active!

I hope that now that the holidays are over and we can easily go 2 weeks without an overnight trip that throws him off that we continue to see improvement and can make the 8 hour thing more of a normal occurence.

Go us!


  1. That is awesome!!! What method are you using or book do you recommend? We are having major sleep issues and have tried different things with no success, planning to try another method later this week but am so sleep deprived and exhausted :(

  2. This is fab progress!! And you know, Oliver never had a bottle before going to bed till maybe a couple of months at night he HAS to have his bottle, he is not falling asleep with the bottle, but like P he has to hear the "hiissss" of air going in ("bottle finished!") and then he's ready to sleep. We have added a musical box to the bottle time, hoping that one day it'll be back to the music alone and no bottle. Love, Fran

  3. Ahh yes, I loved when my babies starting sleeping 8 hours. I am one who NEEDS 8 hours or I'm awful to be around.

  4. It sounds like he's made a huge amount of wonderful!

  5. Yay!!!!! That is so awesome!!!! Isn't it amazing how great getting a few consecutive hours of sleep can make you feel??


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