Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PYHO: Master Reset

Many of you have "smartphones", right?  You do all sorts of things on them.  Have you ever had major problems and had to call tech support?  And had to do a master reset?  You HATED it, right?  Having to set it all up again, just the way you want? 

I don't mind it.  Given that hindsight is 20/20, if I have to reset my phone and set it back up or get a replacement and do the same, I kind of like it.  Because I get a chance at a do-over.  To put everything where I really like it. 

I want to master reset my house.  I want to blink my eyes, like Jeannie, and make everything go poof!  Then, I would vaccum, steam clean the nasty dog puke spots, wipe down the baseboards, and mentally reorganize.  After that, I would blink things back into existence one-by-one, placing them just where they will work best.  Items that are never used and simply collect dust will magically NOT reappear.  Everything will have a home, and then I won't feel like we live in clutter ALL. THE. TIME. 

Where does it all come from?  All this STUFF we deem important.  DVDs galore, my modest book collection, all the ... chatchkies (no idea how to spell this, no other word I can think of) that sit on dusty shelves for no discernable reason.  Clothes I never wear but for some reason cannot give up.  Paperwork, bills, junk mail...more STUFF.

I know part of the issue is that we have people living with us, and so some of the things that should have a home are currently homeless.  But really, when did we acquire all of this?  Why did these things become important?  Why do we attach importance to seemingly unimportant objects?  This is what is lovingly known on Twitter as a "#firstworldproblem".  I hate that term.  But, it's true.  I have woes that are most definitely more, well, woe-y.  Have junk?  Not really something to whine about. 

Nevertheless...I am whining.  Make it go away!  Bring me order!  Make me an organized person!


  1. I was just saying this on another blog- that I wish someone could come in and organize everything for me. That I promise to keep it all organized, but I need someone to get it there for me in the first place!

  2. Oh, I would SO love to have a master reset button on my house!!! And my office for that matter. Just take it all away and only give me back the useful stuff! Or, just find a place to put the stuff!!! Oy.

  3. I feel your frustration. It is a constant battle that never resets itself. Oh what it would be like to have a reset button. It is amazing how much can build up...I get frustrated with the mail which is mostly junk that invades my home and another extra set of papers to clean up, shred addresses, recycle the paper that can be recycled....I can't stand junk mail.


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