Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Contest Winner

I know I've been MIA - and I apologize for not commenting much. Since Friday I've been....just blah. I went back to work...and then called out today. Couldn't take it. I have much to write about, just no urge, if that makes sense. However, I did promise a winner to the Name My Uterus Contest, and I have made a decision. Ready? I mean, really, are you ready???

Drumroll please....

Winnings go to Circus Princess with the name Helga. So, Helga it is. Now I just have to let her know the good news.

I promise to re-enter the world. I'm pretty overwhelmed with the start of my cycle and going back to work and money and everything, so I'm trying.....I am. Just worn out....


  1. Helga is awesome. Totally understand you feeling blah after last week's meltdown. It's sort of like an emotional hangover, isn't it. Thinking of you...and interested to read more when you are ready to share. xxx

  2. Doing a little happy dance and humming an inappropriate victory tune :)

  3. HELGA!!!!! I love it!!!! :)

    thinking of you..hoping you are up and around soon!!!


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