Thursday, June 17, 2010

Off the Grid

Both of our computers decided to die simultaneously all the pics I want to upload to here (and to Snapfish to order) I can't....I promise there will be awesome photos soon :)

Surfers were awesome!!!! Just my kind of peeps. We had a great night...I made a HUGE dinner for 9 and we went for a late night walk by the creek and picked wildflowers for Pixie and Frog, as well as caught fireflies :)

They left us a cd of the one guy's music, and a sea bead necklace :) It really all cheered me up, which I think helped with the body heal, because I CAN WALK!!!! WOOT!!!!

Today is my last day of leave (again, LOL), and it's back to the daily grind tomorrow. I'm pretty nervous, but if I can keep my spirits up, then I will be okay.

I have really vivid dreams, and the last few nights I have dreamt I was pregnant, in my 3rd trimester. I keep waking up feeling my belly and disappointed it is flat. Maybe this is an omen?


  1. Those sounds like good dreams to me! I hope it means great things to come. Good luck heading back into work tomorrow.

  2. the Couch Surfer concept sounds interesting. I know what you mean about the vivid dreams. I hope it *is* an omen for you.

  3. Only GOOD Omens!!!! :)
    so glad you are walking and feeling better/good.

    I love hearing that in your voice instead of hurt.


  4. I love that couch surfer idea! Something to look into!

    From what I have heard - dreams are a good sign!

  5. Oh my gosh, fireflies! I haven't seen those things since I was seven years old.


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