Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Updated IVF Schedule

Here is is, ladies....updated, and not getting cancelled this time. Not if I can help it. Not if I have to go work a strip joint for the next 3 weeks to make our finances work. Still have tons to update, and tomorrow will try to post photos and tell of our surfers from yesterday and the never-ending pile of crap. But for today.....I have a schedule. A couple things of note:
  1. There is a solid chance that my retrieval will fall on the day of my sister's baby shower (yeah, not kidding) - which rules out transportation. I'm trying to get a few options ready for transportation - DH won't be able to get 2 days in 1 week off, so the trouble is finding someone to take me because it's more important to me that he be at the transfer. No matter which of those 4 days it is, they are almost all work days, so maybe I will have a week straight off.
  2. The transfer stands a good chance of happening on my birthday. Again, not kidding. I really don't want that. I really don't. My first wedding was on my birthday and that didn't go so well.....
  3. My beta will fall right around Pixie's due date, if not on her due date. Please be late, baby girl.....
So, without further ado, here it is....

Lupron start 20 units (orange tip syringe) evening of 7/9/10 (you will get a call this day to remind you). Take this in the evening between 8 and 9 pm.

Continue active birth control pills.

Last birth control pill 7/13/10(you may or may not get a period-no need to call) Continue Lupron 20units

First Office Visit=7/20/10

You will have Blood Work that am.

You will get a call that afternoon with exact instructions

Evening of 7/20(After you receive a call)

225 IU Gonal-F + 15 units Low Dose HCG

Lupron decreases to 5 Units

Evening of 7/21

225 IU Gonal-F + 15 units Low Dose HCG

Lupron 5 Units

Evening of 7/22

225 IU Gonal-F + 15 units Low Dose HCG

Lupron 5 Units

*Morning of 7/23

*In for blood work and ultrasound this am

After your second ultrasound appointment, it is a possibility that your medication doses could change and the days in which you come in for monitoring may vary so the following dates are estimates of when you will need to come in for monitoring.






Possible retrieval 7/29-8/1

Possible transfer 8/1-8/7


  1. Wow wow wow .. this is so exciting. It's so real once you have a schedule. Wishing you the best!

  2. Pixie is pregnant? How the heck did I miss that?!? It's great that you finally have a schedule, I'm hoping for the best!

  3. Hoping everything works out like a dance on roses. Without thorns. That sounded weird, but yeah, rooting for a smashing success!!

  4. Awesome news. So excited your schedule is still on. Good luck!

  5. Wow, this is so exciting! I am so glad that you have your schedule and it's ON. Fingers crossed!

  6. wow!!!! I like that schedule...and while I know that sometimes the dates and times are supersticious and cause for anxiety, I am wishing ONLY GOOD THINGS...only GOOD RESULTS for you my friend.



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