Thursday, June 24, 2010

Operation Weight Gain

Starter note: Remember the pregnancy photos I mentioned? Thought I'd post one, just so you could see what I've done. This was actually my favorite, but not theirs. Poop on them anyway. Thought you might like to see....on to the real news.

So....I bought protein shakes today....I haven't even managed to get a whole one down yet. It's back in the fridge chilling because it was making me dry heave. Blech. Sigh. Whatever it takes. Good news is that the shake completely masks the flavor of the wheatgrass supplement :)

I wanted to get Royal Jelly, but because I have a bee allergy, no go. And I forgot to look for some sort of body cleanse thing, so that's next week. What are some other supplements folks have taken????

Question: when doing IVF did any of you have the PGD test done? It seems our clinic is running a trial, so we would get to participate free of charge. I'm a bit nervous about signing up for it, but have been assured that the benefits outweigh the risks to the embryos. Then again....wouldn't they want you to think that? Just curious about opinions, or if any of you have done it and what the outcome was.....

Oh, and also wondering, since I've mentioned being a super-crochet freak, if you'd be interested in seeing some of my work???


  1. I totally would...J has taken up crocheting and she is a fool with some needles now!

    Gorgeous photo...hoping today the sun is a little brighter for you!

  2. Great pic!

    We didn't do PGD because it was an extra $5,200. For free though, maybe! There are a few risks though. Of course it could damage the embryo. I've also heard they can be a little slow growing after they remove the cell for the test. But it can also help make the best choice possible.

  3. Lovely photo! Not sure about PGD...never did it. My mother taught us to crochet - I have not done it for years - would love to see your stuff!


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