Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pet Free Living

Yesterday our dog, who has been anti-Phelan for a while now, went too far and a snap became a bite.  We swore he wouldn't stay if he bit one of the kids.  The good thing is the bite wasn't too bad.  More of a scratch and bruising, so P basically looks like he got punched in the mouth.

Yesterday sucked.  It turns out the hospital has to report bites, so we had to find a shelter that could quarantine him, pay for that, and we signed paperwork to surrender him to the shelter after quarantine.  I pray they find him a good home and that he doesn't have to be euthanized.

A number of months ago we had to give up our remaining cat because of finances, and before that one ran away, and another refused to come to TX so my parents adopted him.  We've gone from a 4 pet home to a 0 pet home in under a year.  It feels weird.  I have always had pets of some sort.

I'm sad.  I want my kids to know animals.  But financially, getting another pet right now just isn't going to work.  So now we are a pet-free home.  I have to admit, no dog walks, no picking up poop, no's kinda nice.  But I feel terrible about how everything went down :-(

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