Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Allergy Scare

Phelan is a hardy child.  Rarely sick.  Never more than a cold except for one ear infection he got from swimming and one stomach bug.  In nearly 3 years I haven't had to worry about him.

The other night we got home from a trip to Ft. Worth and I put him to bed.  Shortly thereafter he came out whining and clearly uncomfortable and his face was COVERED in hives.  Arms, too.  And a spot on his torso.  I panicked.  Maybe because there is never anything to worry about with him that this freaked me out.  So we went to the ER where I learned that most hives are idiopathic and we may never know.  Dosed with benadryl and sent home but told to go to doc if happened again.

Yesterday morning Hubby was changing his diaper and what do you know,  more hives.  In fact, Hubby said that's what the diaper rash looked like the other day.  Except it's hives, not a diaper rash, so now we knew there had been at least one other incident.

Off to the doctor we went.  Where they have decided that given his history of not having problems that something definitely is triggering them.  The likely culprit is the antibiotic he was on for the dog bite last week.  They finished Saturday but are still in his system.  He is now on prednisone for 5 days while the meds leave his system, and benadryl as needed.

He doesn't have breathing issues or anything with the hives, but it still scared me SOOOOO BADLY.  I never want to go through that again!

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