Monday, January 27, 2014

Diagnosis: Strong-Willed

So, we saw the pediatrician today.  The news is good.  For him, LOL.

His behaviors are consistent with a strong-willed and super smart kid.  No autistic issues.  He even recommended books about strong-willed children.  So he's fine, we're just in trouble with this one.

He said the keys are consistency and positive reinforcement and that pushing things with him will only make things worse.  Offer "choices" to guide him, making it seem as though HE got to make the decision.  He assured me he will eventually learn to obey and will probably always push limits but that it will get easier.

Basically, he's a handful, he will continue to be a handful, but there's nothing "wrong" with him.

I guess I'm reassured.  Just tired.  And off to read books about strong-willed children.  Oy.


  1. I also have a strong willed child. It is hard! Several books I have come across which seemed to help...
    "Love and Logic Parenting." This one outlines how to give the child choices, and what you can do when he breaks down and has a tantrum.
    I also love "The Way of Boys" by Anthony Rao. I have read this one several times since our son was born. He points out that much of boy's behavior is actually normal and does not need to be medicated. He also has some ideas about discipline, as some things which work on girls do not work on boys.

    Good luck!

  2. That's good news! Let's the battle of wills begin!


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