Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I've never considered P's behaviors as indicative of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Autism? Not my kid.  He is sociable, fun loving, not at all withdrawn.  But several of my friends whose children are on the spectrum replied to that last post saying perhaps we should have him evaluated based on their experiences with their children.

His well visit is in March, 2 months from now.  So I'm thinking I will bring it up then.  Early Intervention is a bit touchy right now because he is so close to the cutoff, so I'm wondering if it is worth having them come out at this point, or if we could even get in with them.  (Horrid run on sentence, sorry). I think I want some input from the pediatrician first.

It seems odd to take toddler behaviors and diagnose him.  I've obviously never had a toddler before, so just assumed all this stuff is normal toddler stuff.  Especially since he isn't socially awkward, speaks, makes eye contact, and such. Kid comes up to me at least once a day with hugs and "I wuv you Mommy." I don't want to jump and have a diagnosis at such an early age if he is just being a stereotypical toddler.  He is mostly good with other kids. I say mostly because sharing is so not his thing and he is physical about getting his way.
Is it worth seeing the pedi now?  Or wait a couple months?  Thoughts?

God, I really don't want to think about this.


  1. I'm obviously NOT a medical professional, but honestly I've worked with a ton of autistic children and it never even crossed my mind with all of the things you've said about P. I would talk to the doctor before you even spend a minute worrying about that.

  2. Gen, no I think you can totally wait and it was just something to consider, I don't think anyone has made a diagnosis! it may just be that is very lively and extremely strong willed!! Lots of toddlers are terrible and make parents' life hell. My advice would be to just wait before thinking there is in fact something to look at, try and change your way of dealing with his tantrums (you can't change his) and see if it has any effect. Love, Fran


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