Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Trip To The Tree Farm

I didn't do a FNL because, well, my week sucked, culminating with Friday.  I didn't want to unload again.  So, we got through the day...including our first family Christmas tree.

Before I share, a cool thing this week: P finally figured out how to roll back to front.  Which causes hilarity as he now travels by rolling.  Not very far, but if I put him down on his belly, within 10 minutes he is in another location entirely, usually facing the complete opposite direction.  He is so stinking cute sometimes I can't stand it.

Anywho, to redeem our shitty day, we got the first tree.  And we went to a local tree farm and had to cut it ourselves (read: I took pics while Hubby cut down the tree).  The man running the place was awesome, and he let us see the chickens and rabbits for P, and we had a lovely chat - much in common, and I'm glad the one closer was closed, as I feel it was kismet that led us to this one instead.  Enjoy the pics!

Hubby hard at work.

P watching Daddy and trying to figure out what the hell he is doing.

Tree: Acquired

P observing the readying of the tree.

My artsy-fartsy photographer side came out while we were in their barn
and I couldn't resist a few photos.  I'm sparing you some, but this struck
me when I saw it and I HAD to shoot it.  

I took 4 of these, one each with a different color highlighted....considering
a framed version with all 4.  You know, when we have money.  And I get
all the other stuff I want done first, LOL.

P thought the rabbit was uber soft.  The rooster
that was there kept crowing, and P would answer
back.  It was awesome!

Again, couldn't resist.  I could have spent hours
photographing inside this barn.  I may go back and
do just that.  I am sending them some of the photos
I shot :-)


  1. Love these pictures and love the trip! And love the idea of P rolling all around!

  2. My family does that too!

    P is getting SO big! And he is such a beautiful little boy, what a blessing!!

  3. I love P's expressive little face. Merry Christmas.


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