Friday, December 9, 2011

FNL: The One Where I Seek Public Assistance

  • We had our WIC appointment Wednesday.  And I did my first WIC purchase today.  I thought I would feel some issue regarding my pride doing this, but it turns out I really don't.  Having jarred food is weird, but it comes in handy for packing for overnight trips.  Hope he likes it!  The formula alone is worth it!
  • There were itty bitty newborns at the office...OMG can you say baby fever?  Here I am sitting in a public assistance office, needing money, and all I can think is, "I want Cricket 2.0".  Hmmmm, anyone see the conflict there?
  • I also started canning this week!  Have been meaning to for ages, and Christmas' "eat" item pushed me into it.  Have made Ginger Pearsauce and Spiced applesauce.  Up soon are chutney and marinara.  I can only do fruits as I do not have a pressure canner.  It's kinda cool to see jars I processed in my pantry :-)
  • P's hair appears to have started growing at long last.  Not much, but definitely a start.  I can't wait to see how it grows as it is apparent that he has a few wicked cowlicks.  And I want to see if sperm daddy's waves win out over my uber straightness.
  • He also will FINALLY hold a bottle, though we have to trick him into it, and it's not every time.  However, sippy cups/straws are still an epic failure.
  • Speaking of sperm daddy...I put a post on a DSR a number of months ago, but can't afford to register to get email addys of those on there.  The other day I got an email from one of  the donor siblings' mothers!  Mom of T, aged 7.  I even have photos!  Hard to tell with all of P's chub, but he seems to have the same cheeks and ears.  Her son is also uber chipper and active and sleepless.  Can you say "modern families?"  All together now...
  • Hubby's license showed up!  3 days after he mailed the request in.  The school had never sent it, the bastards.  But the good news is that he will be starting a temp job this upcoming week whilst he looks for something both more permanent and with better pay.  Thank goodness!
  • I survived the week that never ended!  I took unpaid time off a couple of days for a break.  Nope, can't afford it.  Don't care.
  • My back is worse...I now have a tingly spot, on and off.  So off to the doctor I went finally.  Will be having it x-rayed Monday after work.  Doubt anything shows up.
  • We are starting to water down P's bottles at night in an attempt to wean him from night feedings.  First night didn't go very well.  Also going to move crib up into our bedroom for the purposes of transitioning to the crib.  I love having him next to me, but it is wearing on me with the no sleeping thing.  I bet that is half the trouble with my back.  And I miss cuddling with Hubby.  This way he is still close by and knows it.  Hoping for some progress. 
  • Heading to Nana's for tonight and tomorrow...which means they play with P and I hopefully get Christmas cards addressed and ready to go as well as finish up some Christmas projects.  No lounging for me...this is a business trip!
  • During this time Hubby has promised to clean the house...not holding my breath.
  • I still get a kick out of seeing P smile in his sleep.  Makes my day.  :-)  I promise more videos next blogging took a side seat to naps this week while I tried to survive the scheduling transition.
  • 2 weeks till Christmas!  Gah!  Project overtime begins now!  

Enjoy your weekend!  

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  1. Three cheers for WIC! I think that every family should be able to access their awesome services. Almost all of the families in my County use WIC (over 2/3) and it seems like it would just be easier if we as a country decided that all families deserve that kind of support. (There would be a lot less overhead to determine eligibility, and more money just going to take care of moms and babies for sure.)

  2. Hooray for the license finally showing up, what a relief! Hope you have a safe trip and get lots done while you're there.

  3. ^^^ Foxy said it perfectly. It bothers me that people have to jump through so many hoops to get it. I'm also SO glad that your hubby's license arrived and that he can start temp work! Sounds like progress to me. :)

  4. So glad you got going with WIC and SO glad that hubby's license finally showed up!! I hope this is the beginning of a big turnaround for all of you.

  5. No shame in WIC. To help my kiddos, I'd do anything!


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