Friday, December 2, 2011

FNL: I'm Cranky This Week

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  • Have I told you that P's penis has become an innie because he is so chubs?  Looks like a little finger trap.  Hysterical trying to clean it!
  • I had to make up our Holiday card list - NOT EASY! 
  • P only woke up once Monday was AWESOME!  I slept for nearly 5.5 hours straight.  Ahhhhhhh :-)
  • My boobs have officially started shrinking.  Sigh.  All flab now.  Yick.
  • P is VERY grabby right now.  It's all "mine mine mine" without the actual word.  If it is within reach, he will fight you for it.  Strong little booger.
  • The driver's license drama continues.  It never showed.  The school will not return calls.  Because it is a CDL and the address of record is the school's, if he goes out there to request a duplicate, it will be mailed to the school again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Only option is to request his SNAIL MAIL.  And then pray the PA DMV will take those in order to process the license transfer.  Yes, this will take several more weeks. No, we are not happy people.
  • Remember the epic fall I had a couple months ago?  My rib is STILL out of place.  Chiropractor puts it back, it pops back out.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Pain, drugs, pain, drugs.  You get the idea.  
  • P is slowly being weaned onto table food chopped and mushed into teeny pieces, for dinner only, as that is the only meal for which we can do that.  With iffy results.  He will really eat just about anything.  Including mildly spicy things.  It also forces me to make healthy meals every night.  This is a good thing.
  • He had yet another nasty yeast infection right around his bum-hole this week.  So bad it was bleeding and warranted a trip to the doctor where we discovered he is still gaining about 1/2 a pound a week.  22lbs 11oz as of Monday.  CHUB!  We had fun at the doctor though!
Reading in the waiting room.

Thigh Chub!

Hmm, how much do I weigh?

Woohoo!  This table is fun!
  • Poo has become more regularly "solid" meaning we can use the flushable liners successfully, and therefore, less time spent spraying out poop explosion diapers.  Yes, this is exciting. 
  • I feel I have been very negative lately, and I'm sorry.  Work has been rough, and the financial/roomie issues are getting to me.  I really am trying to see the bright side of things. 
  • So if you can figure out a bright side to the hole I found in a molar at the gumline which is forcing me to go to the dentist for the first time in longer than I can remember.  I HATE the dentist.  I don't wanna.  Sigh...going to suck it up and make an appointment today...
  • Speaking of teeth...I think the "teething" was not teething.  No teeth as of yet.  Nada, zip, zilch.  But I do think we will potentially see movement by Christmas.  Maybe.  Or maybe we will still just have the worm.  Who knows.  It is all a big guessing game :-)
Happy Friday to those of you for whom this is actually Friday!  Go have a weekend for me.


  1. Oh, just look at those thunder thighs! Absolutely priceless.:-)
    I was worried about George not having teeth as well, and then bam! They appeared like mushrooms after rain. He got all his four molars within a month. A very challenging month, but now it's behind us. :-)
    And yay for sleep! Sleep will definitely help you feel better.
    The driver licence thing is getting ridiculous by now. Hope it sorts itself soon.

  2. OK, first of all, what an adorable little Chub he has become! Amazing!!

    Second "P's penis has become an innie" made me spew oyster cracker bits onto my keyboard. Now I need to go get a little mini-vac.

    I hope things start looking up, soon, work-wise for both of you. ((hugs))

  3. My boobs shrunk too. I was not happy. I'm a 34 A so they can't afford to shrink :/

  4. I adore all that chub.

    I swear, if I could have one thing back after childbirth and nursing, it would be my former boobs. I miss them so!

  5. Oh man, I want to pinch all his chubby little rolls!! I miss when my kids looked like that!

    And congratulations on getting 5.5 hours of sleep that one're on your way!!!


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