Thursday, March 31, 2011

11 Days of Amazement

So, I have posts planned about the hospital stay, and our first few days home...but, well, I'm behind on everything, LOL. 

But I wanted to thank you all for all the kind wishes and comments and love you all have showered upon us!  We are happy as pigs in shit, let me tell you!  Although, I have decided to rename myself "Sleepless In Slatington."

We feel so incredibly blessed by our little boy.  Every day he amazes us...and right now he pretty much just sleeps and eats, LOL.  I'm so glad my body waited to evict him until just long enough to avoid NICU time, and that we got to bring him home with us.  He might be teeny, but he's strong and even surprised the nurses with his quick grasp of breastfeeding and insanely calm demeanor. 

Quick stat update:
  • Weight at birth: 4lb 8oz
  • Weight at discharge: 4lb 1oz
  • Weight at Ped appt 3/24/11: 4lb 6oz
  • Weight at Ped appt 3/31/11: 4lb 4oz
So, after we stopped supplementing when my milk came in he dropped a bit of weight.  I was a basket case...still am a bit.  2 oz is a lot in our little guy.  BUT to be fair, he was battling jaundice for several days, so that could be the cause.  Still, to be safe, we are supplementing again for another few days.  It's hard, though, because I have to use formula as I haven't had a chance to pump yet (his schedule is still a bit erratic, but I'm hoping to get on that), and since my milk seems to be plentiful, using the SNS system overwhelms him, and then he spits up...which to me seems to defeat the purpose.  So...I think I will have to try and sneak in a couple bottles until I can pump, hopefully tomorrow. 

He has a nasty diaper rash where his thighs meet his though his skin has rubbed raw, which made me feel horrible, and a case of thrush, which is normal, but still...I'm having such a hard time with anything that can hurt him. 

It took 10 days, but my edema has finally gone, thank goodness!  More on that in another post.  And as of yesterday, I'm 11 pounds down with 35 to go.

I miss my bump, the closeness of him inside me...and I'm weeping thinking about it, that it may never happen again.  Baby Blues are NO JOKE.  Not that I would trade him for anything...I am just super emotional and every now and then put my hand on my belly expecting kicks.  I cry about EVERYTHING.  I cry worrying about him, I cry seeing Hubby with him - the most wonderful surprise of this has been seeing Hubby with his son, the tenderness, the love, the intimacy.  He is so good with him.  So good.  It's beautiful to see.  I want to bottle it. 

I want to slow time's going too quickly and I'm too catatonic to fully appreciate it.  I am already dreading returning to work.  To which end, we toured the day care today...and I'm comfortable with them...but not with ever letting him out of my sight, LOL.  I panic about him not growing while wishing he could stay tiny forever...logic does not live here.

I have become that obsessed, addicted to my child, paranoid mother.  I don't even have the words to express everything right now, you guys, I just don't.  Please be patient with me.  And look for those other posts I mentioned, and know that I'm trying to at least read the basic beginnings of your posts from my reader, even if I am not commenting.  There is just too much to catch up on.   I love you all!

I am going to leave you with some quick photos...and soon, a video of the coolest thing EVER.  Here's my amazing, teeny kiddo. 

Peanut just moments old

First family photo

Poor Peanut did not want to be awake.  This is his
cousin, CJ...she's 7 months old.

He always puts his hands up by his face when sleeping.

One of the few times he isn't making crazy faces, LOL.

I have never seen a baby do this...

My 2 guys...

He is starting to have brief alert periods...this is his
"Home Alone" look

International Man of Mystery
Thank you again for all the well wishes...we are feeling so loved by you all!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of the feelings you are going through. I am so happy for you and wish you all the best!

  2. Joining in for the amazement. I love your post and love the pics. Such a beautiful story!

  3. Congrats again he is such a precious little cutie and take it one day at a time. It'll all fall into place, I promise.

  4. My fav pic is the Home Alone pic, LOL!!!!

    He is beautiful and should definitely be your number one priority right now! Everyone understands (and some are quite jealous :). You take all the time you need in writing your posts!!!

  5. He is so very beautiful. I think I feel my ovaries twitching in need.

  6. He is adorable!!! So happy for you...CONGRATS!!!

  7. He's so adroable, and so tiny. I'm glad that you're starting to feel better. I think my favorite is the man of mystery pic.

  8. He is soo adorable. Honestly. Such a beautiful baby. Congrats!!

  9. You are doing fantastic my friend! The baby blues are a bitch, no other word to describe them, but they'll go away and all your feelings are normal. The little boy is a stunning baby, I'd love to give him a cuddle, no wonder you can't let him out of your sight! Sending you love, Fran

  10. So absolutely precious. I love the pic with his cousin. That's adorable.

    Thanks for sharing all of it!


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