Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Baby #7

My dear, squirmy child,

Once again, I have been totally lax in writing to you.  Mama's been a bit down.  But only because I cannot prep as much as I would like for your arrival.  Your mama is learning to give up some control...which will be good because once you do arrive, you'll very obviously be in charge.  Much like you have for the last 8 months.  Shoot, you've been in charge even before you were conceived! 

7 weeks ago we weren't sure you would still be in my belly when the shower rolled around...we were worried you'd be in the NICU.  But you are still solidly ensconsed in there.  In fact, except for some wiggles and stretches, you really don't flip and roll anymore.  I have to point out, though, that you COULD move your bum to the other side and give the right side of my ribs a little break.  But you know, whatever. 

Speaking of the shower, the party to celebrate your impending arrival is this Sunday!  I am still somewhat in shock that I get to have a shower.  That my first shower OF ANY KIND will be my own baby shower, for YOU, little Cricket.  We are so blessed.  We can't wait to meet you, but you are still under orders to stay put at least 3 more weeks. 

Holy moly, it is so very possible that in 3 weeks you may be here.  Of course, given the ride we've been on, I won't be surprised if you knock us all for a loop and decide to stay put for another 6, LOL.  6 weeks gives us a fighting chance at actually having the house ready for your arrival, LOL.  I have been lighting a fire under your Daddy's bum to get things done, but his sense of urgency is significantly lower.  He has every confidence that slow and steady will win the race.  I want it done NOW. 

The painting is pretty much complete - your "uncle" Spazz just has to paint the top of one of the dressers and fix it.  Curtains and shelves should be going up in the next few days, and the rest of your gear will be here in the next week.  Boy, I hope you like bright colors - Mama got a little excited about the Disney paints.  Mama also successfully won the battle with the bassinet after the cover got washed and managed to get it back easy feat! 

So, my dear, I am doing my job sitting on MY bum to make sure you stay put, and Daddy is working on making everything ready for you.  We can't wait to meet you, nerves and all.  It still seems so surreal that very soon I will be holding you in my arms, and changing your stinky diapers :) 

Until next time...

All my love to you, squirmy.



  1. ((hugs)) and happiness on your shower!! That's awesome!

  2. you sound a bit better, I'm need to just know that you can't do everything and things will get done, they will.

    Plus there are so many things to look forward to ....and I'm glad that you are slowing down to see them. :)

  3. Came over to say hello from Shell's! Seems you have some exciting events to look forward to! Hopefully you start feeling better soon.

  4. I"m glad that you've got something to look forward to. And don't stress too much about having things ready on time... I think I spent my first month of life sleeping in a dresser drawer! Cricket will come when cricket comes, and from there everything will work out. Take care, and don't let the resting up rot your brains!

  5. Congratulations on making so far! And Cricket, listen to your mother.

    Enjoy the baby shower!


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